Jennifer Katharine Gates

Jennifer Katherine Gates is the 19-year-old daughter of billionaire parents Bill and Melinda Gates, but while she is surrounded by substantial wealth, her life is surprisingly normal. As currently she is only twenty years old age, she is not involved in any kind of profession.

  • Date of Birth:

    April 26, 1996 (20 age)

  • Height:

    5 Feet 7 inches

  • Net Worth:

    $20 million

  • Married To:

    not married

Jennifer Katharine; Bill Gate's Daughter. Does she have a boyfriend/husband?

Born with a silver spoon in mouth on 25th of April 1996 to billionaire Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, Jennifer Katharine Gates is heiress of millions of dollars since her birth. She began the journey of her beautiful life in Medina, Washington. Despite the fact that she is a daughter of the world’s richest man, she leads a very normal life. Her dad William Henry “Bill” Gates III widely known as Bill Gates is an American business tycoon, computer programmer and owner of Microsoft. Likewise, her mother Melinda Ann gates owned business and worked at Microsoft as project manager for Expedia, Microsoft Encarta and Microsoft Bob.

Jennifer Katharine gates has two younger siblings; Phoebe Adele Gates and Rory John Gates. No detail regarding her early education and school has been revealed. She studied biology at Stanford University. She is currently residing in her dad’s home on the shore of Lake Washington close to Seattle along with her family.

Though Jennifer Katharine Gates has achieved celebrity status and has become a hot topic of gossip, it’s very difficult to find any personal information about this stinking rich girl as her millionaire parents have maintained lots of secrecy in order to protect their children’s privacy. Reportedly Jennifer Katharine Gates has no boyfriend till date, however every boy who crosses her path want to be her beau.

Jennifer Katharine gates possesses beautiful body figure with a perfect height.  Nurtured by her mom, she was bought up Roman Catholic. Jennifer is too young to get married. Jennifer loves horse riding which is cited to a royal game. Her dad spend whooping amount of a million dollar in order to rent a manor near to place of the Winter Equestrian Festival held in Palm Beach, Florida, just to make sure that his beloved daughter can go for horse riding. She competed with the twenty-eight hundred riders from thirty countries. Though not much photos of Jenifer were available in past, recently few pictures of this fully-grown beauty hit the social media. Her dad possesses some of the world best cars like “Porsche 911 Carrera”, “Porsche 959 Coupe” and “Porsche 930”.

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Net Worth and Boyfriend 2017

Though her dad is billionaire, Jennifer Katharine Gates will only be inheriting some millions as her dad has decided to give 97% of his earning to charities. Jennifer Katharine Gates net worth is estimated to be around twenty million dollars. However following her dad’s foot step, one day she might make a name for herself in this world and accumulate more wealth.

Jennifer Katharine is active in a number of social networking sites. She an be followed in facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Unfortunately, her wiki has not been created till date.

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Besides her study, Katharine is very passionate towards horse riding and has even participated in the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida.

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