Considered to be the key on the rise of ‘J. Crew’, one of the USA’s most influential brands, Jenna Lyons has been cultivating fashions that match the tastes of diverse generation, since long. Jenna has been working with the brand since she forayed into fashion industry. Started as junior designer in the year 1990, Jenna has today achieved a position that truly honors her ability. Most high-profile lady in consumer fashion, she was listed among “100 Most Influential People” by Time magazine. Citied the “Woman Who Dresses America”, Jenna Lyons has been carving her name on a number of accolades throughout her career, including the title of Fashion Original at the Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year awards.

1969 born, native of Boston, Massachusetts, Jenna Lyons spent first four years of her life in her homeland and in the years that follow, she was reared in Palos Verdes, California. However growing up in California was not a pleasant experience for her as she became the subject of brutal bullying because of her health issues and gawkiness. Jenna suffered from a genetic disorder called incontinetia pigmenti that scarred her skin, malformed her teeth and hair falls in patches. Her piano teacher mom encouraged her to be creative that lit her interest in fashion. At age seven, she witnessed her parent’s divorce. Her first creating was altering her school uniform while she was in seventh grade. Due to her talent and interest for fashion, she joined Parsons & graduated in 1990.

To everyone’s surprise Jenna Lyons began dating a woman named Courtney Crangi at age forty-four. Jenna kept the details regarding her relationship with Courtney under wrap till 2012. Previously she was married to artist Vincent Mazeau and has a son named Beckett with him. The couple divorced in 2011, ending their nine years long union. The couple sold their property in Brooklyn following their divorce. Currently she is living in Tribeca along with her son. Jenna has not felt need of undergoing the procedure of plastic surgery to enhance her appearance her maintain her youthful looks till date. As a responsible human being, Jenna has lent her helping to needy people whenever she got opportunity. To raise fund for the IS 289 Hudson River Middle School, Charitybuzz, she is auctioning off her time for a date.

Jenna Lyons and Millard formed the close relationship with each other shortly after he was appointed in 2003. Both of them played a vital role in enhancing J. Crew’s reputation and finance. Current chairman and CEO, Millard Drexler appointed Jenna the Executive Creative Director. She was eventually made the President of the company in 2010. She has crafted the style and brand of the company around her style. Focusing on high quality, she prefers to have customer satisfaction. She believes is taking risk and encourages her staff to do the same with their work and designing. Her presence in the company has dramatically changed it reputation from being a failure company to the tastemaker in the fashion industry. Her deep sense of fashion and understating of the industry, creativity and branding strategies are the major reason that today J.Crew is known internationally. She tried to give magazine feel to Style Guide. Though it got some acclamation, it as well landed in a controversy.

Jenna Lyons’ work has been praised throughout America. She has been honored with a number of awards throughout her career. She as well became the part of the Board of Directors on the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Though the numerical data of her net worth has not been revealed by any sources, looking at her career graph, it’s very easy to anticipate that she has garnered a million of dollars throughout her career. To know more about her, her fans can join her in her twitter and Facebook account. Her detailed biography can be fetched via several websites, including wiki.


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