Jemele Hill

Jemele Hill is an American sports journalist previously writing a column for's Page 2 and formerly hosting ESPN's First Take. 4 Million Net worth holder, Jemele Hill  is looking forward to get married soon but nobody know who is her future husband.

  • Date of Birth:

    December 21, 1975 (age 38)

  • Height:

    5 Feet 6 inches

  • Net Worth:

    4 Million

  • Married To:

    Not Married

Jemele Hill - Family and Personal Life:

Well, there have been many rumors about this beautiful lady. You know her co-host Michael Smith right? From their show ‘His & Hers.' Of course, you have as he is the man who was rumored to be Jemele Hill boyfriend.

Well, later after the rumor made a significant hype in media, Jemele came clear about her relationship with Michael was just as a co-worker and a friend. She even said that she was dating Idris Elba, who is a famous English actor.

However, in an interview with the Curves, she stated that she has been dating Idris Elba for two years in her mind, and He’s going to propose to her later this year. Does this mean she is just joking around and fooling everybody who asks about who her boyfriend is?

But this is not where it all stops. We further looked into her social accounts and found these pictures and posts

More adventures from The White House ...

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Professional Career Growth:

Remember the time when Jemele Hill was suspended for her controversial writing post in which she referenced Adolf Hitler in an article written about Boston Celtics during the 2008 NBA Playoffs and later in 2009, was addressed for her comments that compared University of Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball coach John Calipari to Charles Manson.

Some of you might and some of you might not. We will continue about this around the end of this article because we are her to talk about something else.

Yes, you should know better that you are here to find out more about Jemele Hill. Of course, her professional career is also a matter of concern, but as we said earlier, we will discuss it after we talk about her personal life. So, stay with us.

Jemele Hill - Net Worth and Salary 2017:

As on 2017, Jemele Hill net worth is 4 million and annual salary is 1 million.

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