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An awarding winning news journalist, Jane Velez Mitchell was born on September 29, 1956 at Manhattan, New York City. She is also an author apart from being a notable television anchor. She was born to a Puerto Rican mother, Anita Velez and an Irish father, Pearse Mitchelle and thus proclaims herself to be a person of color.  She completed her studies from New York University. She belongs to American nationality.

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    September 29, 1956

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At present, she is working for CNN’s sister station, Head Line News (HLN). She has her own show on the cable, Jane Velez Mitchell. She also works as a substitute anchor for the network’s Showbiz Tonight. She often makes guest appearances for CNN, TruTV, and E! and many other news channels. All of this had not come easy for her. She has struggled a lot for her worth. During her initial years of career, she worked as anchor and reporter for KCAL-TV in Los Angeles. She served the channel for more than a decade. Later, she joined WCBS-TV in New York City. She was appointed as a reporter there. After almost twenty years of working for local news channels, she finally received the prestigious opportunity to work with HLN, one of the popular news channels in America. She is best known for her loud, confrontational style of anchoring and her competitive attitude in the industry. She has covered countless high profile stories including Casey Anthony murder trial, Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter trial, killing of young man by his self appointed, neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman. The number of viewership soars like anything when she covers such events. She’s got a unique personality. Open minded, fearless and extremely outspoken, Jane has an entirely different aura than other journalists in industry.


She stands tall at five feet and two inches. Though of a short height, her accomplishments and her obsession to make an impact in the real world is something unmatchable. She credits her mother’s support and unconditional love for all her success in professional and personal life. She has been in the line of work for a real long time. She is professional and dresses accordingly. She is already fifty six years of age. Therefore, she chooses to wear outfits that are not just profession but also age appropriate. She shows off a little skin and her beautiful legs in her classy outfits. And the super lady had done an amazing work of keeping her in shape over the years.


She is a gay. She came out clean on Al Rantel’s radio show back in 2007. She has not married anyone as of now and does not have a husband. Hence, it becomes quite obvious that she has never been through divorce case in her life. She has had a girlfriend in the past but as of now she is not seeing anyone. Her entire focus is on her work. She does not have children either. Currently, she is living with her mother Anita in Manhattan. She has also written and published books titled “Secrets can be murder: What America’s Most Sensational Crimes Tell us about ourselves” in 2007 and “I want: My journey from addiction and over consumption to a simpler, honest life” in 2009. She is receiving good amount of salary from her employers. Her dedication and sincerity towards her work has earned her many loyal audiences. She is always true to herself and her fans love her for that spirit of hers. Her net worth is not disclosed by any source. Her biography and her achievements are given in details in Wikipedia.

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