Holly Robinson Peete | Biography

Holly Robinson Peete is the extremely talented and dexterous American actress, singer and presenter.  As the daughter of school teacher, Dolores and producer and writer, Matthew Robinson and with the identification, Holly Elizabeth Robinson, she was born on 18th September, 1954 in Philadelphia of American state, Pennsylvania. Following her parents’ divorce in early years of 1970s, her family including her elder brother named Matthew Thomas III and mother had to face some struggle after relocating in Malibu. However, her mother gaining the fame as the black woman succeeding in the white dominating business being talent manager had built gateway for her career. Her name synonymous to the rising Hollywood fame has been known to be the proficient name of the American Box Office.

Going through the personal life of Robinson, she has been married to Rodney Peete, a NBL quarterback. The couple got married shortly after their first meeting in 1995. She was so surprised to find him proposing her in the episode of the television show, ‘Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper’. The couple has been parenting the four children that include 1997 born twins with one son named Rodney Peete, Jr. and one daughter named Ryan Elizabeth Peete, 2002 born son named Robinson James Peete and 2005 born son Roman Peete.  After finding her father’s diagnosis to Parkinson’s disease, she along with her husband had jointly founded the non-profit making organization named HollyRod Foundation. The organization has been dedicating its support to cure the disease and assist the living of the patients. Moreover, joining the ventures with Nestle’s Incarnation Breakfast Essentials, she began working as spokesperson in 2012. After a month in the same year, she was inducted as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s honorary member. These shows her fame utilized in the various charitable causes.

Moved to Santa Monica of California in 1974, she has attended the Santa Monica High School being and classmate to Rob Lowe. Furthering her studies, she had also attended the Sarah Lawrence College and achieved graduation degree in French and psychology. Moreover, she also increased her fluency in French studying in European University, Sorbonne, often called as University of Paris. While in Paris, she had performed in various nightclubs that include her memorable performance at Hotel Meridian Jazz Club with famous American jazz vibraphonist, Loinel Hampton. Talking about her career beginnings, she had landed a role in first episode of the TV show ‘Sesame Street’ in 1969. Being ambitious to the acting from the tender age of five, she took several acting lessons leaning greatly to the acting sector. Later in 1975, she earned a role in sitcom ‘This Is Your Life’ and TV film ‘Dummy’. As of her very first big-screened movie, she had starred in 1985 movie ‘Lorea and the Outlaws’. Followed by the various small roles, her career as an professional actress earned the public attention with her mother’s help to seek opportunity to star in FOX hit drama series ’21 Jump Street’ (1987-91). Additionally, she had also starred in other many TV programs including ‘Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper’ (1992-97), ‘Like Family’ from 2003 to 2004. Moreover, she has also limitedly contributed in music that include the introductory song of ’21 jump Street’, soundtrack of movie ‘Howard the Duck’, theme song for movie ‘Three for the Road’ and theme song for TV show ‘Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper’. She has also co-hosted the daytime talk show on CBS, ‘The Talk’ that had promoted the awareness for the ethnicity and autism. Exploring her work equivalently in the small as well as large screen, she has gathered the net worth of $4 million.

Holly Robinson was eagerly interested in acting from the early age which has been clear by her workout from the tender age of five. She is too interested in writing books using her skillful script. Moreover, one of her lifetime hobby i.e. recording music has been practiced time to time.

Using his professional fame to the charitable causes that include HollyRod Foundation that she had established collaborating with her husband, she has established her distinction in the international level as the benevolent personality. Though she hasn’t been able to equivalent the success achieved from the acting field, she has also longed her career in music. Furthermore details of her biography are available in wiki. Her fans can reach her through social networking sites like Facebook and twitter.

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