March 10, 1976 born Haifa Wehbe is the renowned Lebanese singer & actress. Considered as the Sexiest Arab Woman of present Era, she has rose to acknowledgment in Arab world after being crowned as the Miss Lebanon runner up. She continued to claim her stardom with the release of her first album Houwa El-Zaman in 2002. She is distinguished through her music for showmanship, beauty, sex appeal image & provocative mannerism.

Regarded amongst the Arab world’s most notable & successful Lebanese singer, she has released four studio albums till date. This skilled actress hasn’t limited her vocation up to singer; her resume also describes her as an aspiring actress. She debuted in acting with film Sea of Stars in 2008. Following which her work as an actress has also been widely acclaimed in Arab world. Once an inhabitant of Lebanon small farming town & now the world class celebrity is definitely the dream come true for her. Remaining always focused & determined towards her aim has made her what she is today.

Prior coming out as an accomplished singer & aspiring actress, she as well known model in Arab World. She got the national recognition as a model after being starred in Arabic crooner, George Wassouf music video. Before that she has also won the crown of Miss South Lebanon at the teen age of 16. By 1996, this stunning model graced the cover of more than hundred magazines. After making her name as the model she led her hands on singing. In 2002, she brought out her debut album Houwa Al Zaman. The album was the huge commercial success which not only gave her popularity she desired for but also played the significant role in the advancement of her financial status. Following the success of her first album, she released another studio album Baddi Aech in beginning of 2005. The album did exactly what expected. It fist single Ya Hayat Albi was big success among her fans. Another single Aana Haifa is considered as her biggest success till date. The song is also considered as her novelty song. After being successful with her previous album she released Habibi Aana her third studio album on 4th July 2008. During this period she also led her hands on acting. She worked alongside Carole Samaha, Wael Kfoury, Ruwaida al-Mahrooqi in film Sea of Stars. As she was concentrating on her acting career her third album couldn’t do well on box office because of lack of promotion. Year later she was seen in the Dokkan Shehata, a successful Egyptian drama film. Following the release of the film it went to become the huge hit on Middle East. After the success of the film her acting career went exactly to the top where she desired it. And now she has worked in the variety of Egyptian movie & is also maintaining her legacy of successful singer. Because of her till date work as an actress, model & singer she has been able to collect the net worth of $ 18 million.

With all the hard work & commitment towards her work, she has been successful to bring positive stability on her professional life but she failed to maintain the same stability on her personal. She married her first husband Nasr Fayyad in 1990 at the age of 18. She has her fist child born as daughter Zeinab Fayyad. However she separated from her first husband quoting marital predicament. Because she is the parental alienation victim, her daughter has also suffered from the same disease. Following which she hasn’t seen her daughter since her daughter was one or two years old. After being quite a time single she announced her engagement to Saudi businessman boyfriend Tariq Al-JAffali in 2005. This relationship also didn’t turn as she desires & both separated their ways. Again the broken heart of Wehbe took shelter in the Ahmad Abu Husheima Egyptian business. On April 24 2009, she married Ahmad her second husband. They had the lavish wedding in Beirut among the guest like Kim Kardashian, Anastacia, Nawal Al Zoghbi and many other celebrity. However the couple divorced in November 2012.

The veteran singer, model & actress, Haifa has reached at the age of 37, even so she isn’t aged a bit. She comes from the land of south Lebanon, a region that is renowned for its beauty queens & pretty girls. There is no doubt that she possesses the same charm & beauty but still to look more attractive she has done numerous plastic surgeries. She is regarded as the Middle East plastic surgery icon & initiator in radical physical appearance. She gone through numerous cosmetic surgeries & is compared to the international icon such as Pamela Anderson & Megan Fox. On account of her beauty she has been listed on the People magazine’s list of 50 most beautiful people. Moreover she has been listed on the 2014 list of 30 Most Beautiful Women carried out by website name Hollywoodbuzz. Apart from beautiful face & gorgeous hot built she is also often looked up for her high heels that she prefers for her feet.

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