Gwen Ifill

Born on September 29, 1955 Gwen Ifill is an American journalist, television newscaster and an author. At present, she’s employed at PBS TV as the managing editor and moderator of Washington Week and a senior correspondent of the network’s “News Hour”. Her illustrious career spreads over three decades and she has most definitely surfaced as one of the legendary female journalists around.

Gwen   Ifill

She has accomplished a milestone in her career and that is to credit her continuous dedication and hardship. Native from New York City, Gwen was born to African Methodist Episcopal Minister Urcille Ifill, Sr. and his beloved wife Eleanor. In 1977 she graduated from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts with a degree in Communications. While an undergrad student at Simmons, she interned at Boston-Herald American.

Upon graduation, Boston Herald American newspaper hired her as their reporter. Couple of years after in 1980, she left to work as a writer and political reporter for “Baltimore Evening Sun”. After a brief stint around 1984 she moved to “Washington Post” to work as their political reporter and continued her association until 1991 before accepting the offer as the White House correspondent for “The New York Times”. And in 1994, she joined NBC News as their Chief Congressional and political correspondent. Finally, after years of wait she got that opportunity she’d been waiting for.  PBS hired her to join the team of “Washington Week” and “The News Hour” in 1999. She had continued her association ever since. As a part of her responsibility, she interviews key news makers across the globe and reports on issues ranging from foreign affairs to politics.

She’s probably one of the sought after journalists we have. Her experiences and expertise make her one of the top-notch. She has worked real hard to accomplish what she has. Fact that she has received more than twenty honorary doctorates shows her caliber and her true stand. She’s the first African American woman to host a prominent political talk show on national television. She has truly inspired many of the aspiring young journalists. Besides her journalism skills, she has showcased her ability with writing also. In 2009, she authored and published her first book titled “The breakthrough: Politics and Race in the age of Obama”.

About her personal life biography, she’s currently single. She has reached fifty eight years of age and has not settled down yet. Since she’s not married, she does not have a husband which also means she has never under faced divorce or any matter like that. Truth is, she is one strong headed and ambitious woman. Despite achieving such great avenues, she’s still not satisfied. She continues to work with the same fire like she did when she first started out. When asked about marriage she answered that she does not reject every man, she has the belief that she’ll get married someday and she’s in no rush to that. Also, she has not adopted any children for that matter.

Details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her. Besides, her fans and admirers can also get to know her better by becoming one of her followers at twitter. She frequently uses the micro blogging site and updates her stories to her well wishers everywhere. She would be an asset to any organization she associates with. The body of work that she’s done over the years and her experiences makes her highly desirable. It’s therefore less of a surprise that her employers pay her good amount of salary to keep her in their team. She’s an inspiration to the young generation. She proved it to everyone that if one has the faith and belief in oneself then they can accomplish whatever they aim for despite all odds.

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Quick Bio of Gwen Ifill

Date of Birth September 29, 1955 (age 58)
Nationality American
Occupation News Anchor, Journalist
Address Queens, New York City, New York, United States
Marital Status Not Married
Name Gwen Ifill
Ethnicity Black
Education At Simmons College
Online engaged Wiki, Twitter, Youtube

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