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Grace Hightower is renowned to the world as a US philanthropist, actress, socialite & singer. She was born as Grace Hightower De Niro on 7th April, 1955. Born & raised in a simple & ordinary household of the United States, Grace Hightower has now landed before globe as one among the most talked-about showbiz persona. She is of mix ancestry, both African as well as American.

Since few decades, public to show concern towards the successful life of Hollywood star, Robert de Niro, have began showing interest to know more about the biography of Grace Hightower, & how the lady managed to conclude as Robert’s 2nd & present wife. The tale of Grace & her husband commenced way back around 1987 when the duo was firstly introduced in London. Right a decade behind their London meeting, the two decided to marry & settle down. Their relationship hasn’t been spared from conflicts & problems. In fact, during 1999, Robert went to the court for filing divorce & sued Grace for their kids’ custody. Nevertheless, different from most of showbiz couples whose failing marriage concluded in divorce, the pair was able to clear up their differences & organize stuffs out between them. In the year 2004, they vacated their divorce appeal & began to reside together for one more time. It was the time, when the couple made a decision about making their personal life as concealed as possible. After 7 long years, in 2011, following the renewal of their vows, Grace & Robert had their 2nd baby via surrogacy, a daughter named Helen Grace. They also have a son together, named Elliott (b. 1998). She is a step-mother of Robert’s children from his previous marriage, Raphael De Niro & Drena De Niro. Up till today, the duo has been fronting a smooth & peaceful life far from controversies & intrigues. Even their kids stay behind privacy & can be hardly ever seen or photographed.

Prior to her wedding with the winning actor in 1997, Grace Hightower was holding the job of a flight attendant. Her life was actually away from the vivid spotlight of show business. Afterwards, the graceful lady also came out as a philanthropist backing several children & women’s causes, both nationally as well as internationally. Indeed, she was honored in different events for her compassion & advocacies to lend hand to varieties of sectors inside the society, counting children in impecunious areas & women struggling for cancer. She is one of the board members of the prestigious New York Women’s Foundation & New York Fund for Public Schools. She is also an element of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance & Women’s Heart Health Advisory Council ran by Ronald Perlman. Grace as well runs her private charitable foundation, “Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwandas”, holding the aim of improving the lives inside Rwanda through international merchandise marketing & distribution.

The vigorous lady has also made her debut in acting, appearing in such endeavors as “The Paperboy” (2012), “Precious” (2009) & “NYDP Blue” (1994). As for her socialite career, Grace’s 55th birthday bash was covered by Andre Leone Talley in the issue of Vogue. She also presented the Creative Spirit Award to Lee Daniels, a director by the Pratt Institute in 2010. Additionally, the dynamic persona has came out as a singer in 2009, performing as the lead for “Somethin’s Comin’ My Way”, a track by songwriter Dan Manjovi, pro the soundtrack for Leen Daniels 2009 drama movie “Precious”.

Today, the famed lady of the entertainment industry, Grace Hightower has popped up as the holder of total projected net worth 16 million USD. She has not just set her career stability, but has also proved herself as a daring wife & mother. To know further about, the African American celeb, log on to her official fan pages or wiki. Her fans can also acquire her latest pictures & videos on multiple of networking sites on the internet.

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