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Gillian Zinser is an American actress born on 4 November, 1985 in New York, America. She is well-known for her role Ivy Sullivan in 90210 TV series. She is a charming and beautiful actress with blond hair & perfect height.Besides acting, she is also interested in social works.

Gillian is beautiful and humble TV actress. Despite it she ignores what she looks like and reveals the feeling that every people are beautiful with the qualities that they possess. In fact, she has every that makes her a praising American TV actress. She is intrigued to fashion wear. Her portrait uploaded over internet and her instagram proves it. She is currently dating actor Luke Grimes since November 2011. She has not yet married and hasn’t revealed any facts related to her future marriage plans.

Gillian was raised in America, where she attended New York University located in New York City, NY. It was interest and fortune that moved her to TV appearance. She achieved her notability with her role INY Sullivan in 90210 series. She earned handsome salary for her role in this series but the precise amount that she earned is unknown.90210 show focus around the students that studied at fictional school, West Beverly Hills High School. This is a teenager’s drama TV show where several characters performed their role including Gillian. In prior days, she appeared in recurring role in 2nd season but in 3rd& 4th season she made her main role appearance. She made her regular appearance till 2011. Before 90210, she casted in Cupid, Cold Case and Southland TV shows. Subsequently after 90210, she began to appear in The Truth Below followed by Savages in 2012, which was directed by Oliver Stone.In The Truth Below, she appeared as a solo main female role, an 18 year confident teen but her world turns upended. Firstly, it happens due to lack of romantic misunderstanding other by an accident that bounds her including other 3 friends. Same year, she took part in Artists for the Peace and Justice. This is the community that is actively involved in supporting Haiti group launching educational, art & dignity and health career projects.

Born on 4 November, 1985Gillian Zinser is an American TV actress. She was raise on Washington; D.Cand currently dwells in Venice, California. She attended New York University located in New York City, NY. She is best known for her role in 90210, which is a spin-off show of Beverly Hills 90210. Before it she casted in TV shows like Cupid, Cold Case and Southland. Her other appearance are in 2011 The Truth Below and 2012 Savages. Gillian is stated to be in relation with actor Luke Grimes. To date, she hasn’t bounded in any kind of marital relationship. For her more biography fans can log in to Wiki. She also can be followed in social networking site like Instagram, Face book and others.

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