Felicity Ward | Biography

The star of her namesake show Felicity Ward is an accomplished stand-up comedienne. This uproarious Aussie woman has been dominating the comedy scene in Australia for several years now, claiming awards left and right such as the Best Newcomer and Edinburg Film Festival’s Spirit of the Fringe Award. Born in 1980, Felicity is also the star of the Australian comedy quiz series called Spicks and Specks which premiered on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for six years. She is arguably the most influential female in comedy in the Australian entertainment industry.

Felicity hails from the coastal town of Killcare in New South Wales from where she set on the path to stardom, reminiscing the time spent in her hometown with brutal honesty in the debut, Ugly As A Child. The down to earth comic has been in the acting business since she was little. She has been gaining such popularity and fan following that it’s hard to assume that she started doing standup-comedy only five years ago. Now at the age of thirty three, Felicity has achieved success even beyond her own imagination which includes performing on international stages and global recognition. The brilliantly talented comedienne has also been able to turn her life dramas such as her alcohol problem and a split from a long term relationship into a successful show with The Hedgehog Dilemma.

Felicity captured national attention with her appearance in The Ronnie Johns Half Hour show. She decided to leave acting and take on standup comedy when she was in her late twenties. She enjoyed success in comedy in 2008 at the Melbourne Fringe where she performed her debut full-length show, Ugly As A Child Variety Show. The show was majorly autobiographical and was an instant hit among the audience. She was consequently nominated for the Most Outstanding Newcomer for it at the International Comedy Festival. Her first win led her to get an invitation to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe winning the Spirit of the Fringe Award. She has taken her comedy shows to several other locations in Australia and Europe. On television, she has appeared on Thank God You’re Here and Good News Week. With The Hedgehog Dilemma, Felicity has entertained people in a number of festivals and given a closer look to her personal life with a hilarious twist. The show has gone to receive major accolades in Australian comedy festivals including the Best Australian Act at Perth Comedy Festival and the Sydney Comedy Festival. She performed her famous Ugly As A Child show in Adelaide and Sydney in 2009 which were both sold out. She was seen in the Melborne Fringe Festival that year performing Felicia Ward reads from The Book of Moron which she also performed at the Adelaide Fringe and Brisbane Comedy Festival. She received the Best Local Act with Honestly in 2011 at the Sydney Comedy Festival Awards. In 2012, she made her screen debut with Any Questions for Ben? She lived in London for a significant time period where she was a regular performer in the United Kingdom.  Her new show The Iceberg has also been a huge success.

Felicity has also been maintaining an online blog at which is worth checking out. The comic star is also the woman behind Felicity’s Mental Mission documentary which aired on ABC2 in 2014. The documentary revealed her life long struggle with anxiety and a close look into her life.

Felicity Ward is a comedy genius. The award winning performer might have been dead set on acting early in her career but it was in stand-up comedy that she found her true passion. With sold out shows all over the world, Felicity has become a striking phenomenon in comedy.

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