Young and beautiful actress Edy Ganem is an American actress. She is best known for her playing the role of Valentina Diaz in television drama series Devious Maids. It has not been too long that Edy began working as an actress. She first entered the acting industry in 2008 and has appeared in various television series and short movies ever since. Widely known as Edy Ganem to the public, she was actually born as Edurne Ganem in Modesto, a city in California.

Edy was born to a couple who was living in Modesto at the time of her birth. Later, the family moved to Torreon, Mexico where Edy spent most of her childhood years. She was born in a family with Mexican and Lebanese ancestors. Edy has been rumored to have dated few television personalities but none of the relationships have been confirmed. She is reported to be married or have any partner at present.

Edy was educated at the University of San Diego, located in San Diego, California. Edy, who liked acting since her young age decided to try her hands in acting industry shortly after graduating from the university. The first time that Edy appeared in television was in 2008, playing a role as a model in an episode of television series called Life, Love & Hollywood. The same year, she appeared in three more popular television drama series such as Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Entourage and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. A year later, in 2009, she made her debut performance in the movie The Way to Happiness. Eventually, she started appearing more in television movies and short movies. In year 2010, she appeared in movies such as Las Angeles, Roundabout, The Loneliest Road in America and Black Limousine. The following year, she was casted in movies such as Salvador, Lucha, Sex/Absurd, Laptop, Like Crazy and The Ghostmaker. Similarly, in 2012, she made cameo roles for movies like Unspoken, Ojala, Lola’s Love Shack and Goodbye,I Love You. Recently, she has made a brief appearance in movie After The Wedding, before which she was seen playing a role in short movie Violeta. While talking about television appearances, she appeared in a short lived television show called Livin’ Loud. The show was premiered during late 2010 and ended in 2011. Edy appeared as herself in total 6 episodes of the show. In 2012, she made guest appearance in an episode of television series Rob, playing the role of Monica. A year later, she received one of the major roles in comedy-drama series, Devious Maids. Since then, she has been entertaining the viewers by playing the role of Valentina Diaz in the series. Out of all the roles she has played in movies and television series, this is regarded to be her best role which has earned her huge public attention.

Edy who was born in Modesto, California, has traveled to various places inside America. During her childhood, she has lived in various Mexican cities. She has also been to Barcelona, Spain before she settled in San Diego. Currently, she is living in Los Angeles, California. Edy is an actress who does not only like acting in movies but also enjoys watching them. Edy has listed some of her favorite movies like Sleeping Beauty, Heat, La Strada, Life Is Beautiful, The Hangover, etc. During her free time, she also likes practicing ballet, riding motorbikes, reading books and playing sports. She likes keeping her active and busy all the time.

Edy has spent almost 6 years in the acting industry and within these years, she has appeared in various television series and movies which have helped her in earning fame and success. Edy is highly admired by her fans for her beautiful appearance and stylish get up. She is believed to be an up and coming star of Hollywood.


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