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Dina Meyer is a recognized film actress who is also frequently seen in television. She is most popular for portraying Barbara Gordon in The WB’s drama Birds of Prey. She is also known as Dizzy Flores of Starship Troopers and appears in four movies of the Saw franchise. She has also appeared in several movies on the big screen. She was born on December 22, 1968.

The actress was born in Forest Hills, New York and later lived in Long Island during high school. She has two brothers and is the second child of her parents. Following her parents advice, she studied business and put her acting dream on hold but later decided that acting was what she wanted to do. She received acting training at New York’s Neighborhood Playhouse. The actress is not known to have been married yet and has no children. She was previously reported to be dating actor Shane West in 2001. The same year she was rumored to have been in a relationship with the famed musician, Billy Joel.

Dina Meyer worked as a model when she was a teenager. She was educated at Long Island University and graduated with a degree in business administration. After graduation, she officially started her career in acting. The actress is currently worth $5 million dollars. In 1993, she was seen in the role of Lucinda Nicholson in Beverly Hills, 90210. That year she also started her career in the film industry by starring in the movie Strapped. In 1995, she was seen in Johnny Mnemonic. She continued to appear in movies in consecutive years in Dragonheart, Starship Troopers, Nowhere Land and Bats. She was especially recognized for her part in the Paul Verhoeven directed science fiction movie, Starship Troopers. Her next admirable role was in the 2002 television series, Birds of Prey on The WB. She portrays the role of Barbara Gordon who is a computer hacker fighting crimes in the Gotham city. Despite high initial ratings, the series was cut off after a few episodes. During this time, she also appeared in movies like D-Tox, Federal Protection, Unspeakable and Deception. She starred in yet another sci-fi movie in 2002, in the Stuart Baird directed fiction, Star Trek: Nemesis as a commander. On television, she appeared in Friends, Secret Agent Man, Six Feet Under, The Outer Limits, Miss Match and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In 2003 she was seen as the female lead in The Movie Hero. In 2004, she was seen in the first film of the Saw franchise in the role of Detective Allison Kerry. She reprised her role in the following films of the thriller franchise Saw II, Saw III and Saw IV. In 2007, she starred in Decoys 2: Alien Seduction and Crazy Eights and in television she starred in an episode of CSI: Miami.  She continued to appear in several mainstream television shows like NCIS, The Mentalist, The Glades, Castle, Scoundrels, Charlie’s Angels, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, 90210 and Criminal Minds.  Fatal Secrets, Piranha 3-D, Undertow and Dead in Tombstone are her other major movies.  In 2014, she was seen in an online series on Crackle, Sequestered and is expected to continue her role in the thriller series.

Dina is a versatile actress who has appeared in a wide variety of roles. While she is not busy acting, Dina likes to go snowboarding and enjoys outdoors. She also prefers to rollerblade to have fun. In many of her roles onscreen, she is seen performing stunts. She likes to stay connected to her fans through social medias like Twitter and currently has twenty four thousand followers on Twitter.

Dina Meyer is a renowned American television and film actress. She has had a great presence in both big and small screens as she has appeared in several movies and television series. She portrayed Barbara Gordon or Batgirl in Birds of Prey and was relatively famous despite being a short lived series. Her notable roles in movies are Dizzy Flores in Starship Troopers and Allison Kerry in the Saw movies. She is a talented actress who has a lot of growing potential in the film industry.

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