Diane Sawyer is an American broadcast journalist notably known as an anchor for ABC News. Prior to ABC News, Diane Sawyer was a member of U.S president Richard Nixon’s White House staff. She was also a former anchor of ABC News’s nightly flagship program ABC World News.


Personal and Family Life

Born on December 22, 1945, in Glasgow, Kentucky, United States, Diane Sawyer is the daughter of Erbon Powers, a Judge and Jean W., an elementary school teacher. Her ancestries were English, Scots-Irish, German and Irish.

Her family moved to Louisville after her birth. In 1969, her father died in car accident. In his honor, E.P ‘Tom’ Sawyer State Park was built-in Frey’s Hill area. She attended Seneca High school. Later, she enrolled at Wellesley College and earned Bachelor degree in English.

Swayer married Nichols in 1988 at Martha’s Vineyard. The couple first met in 1986 in a lounge at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. They didn’t have children together. But, Nicoles had two sons and a daughter from his previous marriage.

Unfortunately, Nichols died in 2014 due to the heart attack at his home in Manhattan. He passed at the age of 83. Late director Mike Nichols left his estimated $20 million fortune to his wife, Diane Sawyer, and three children.

Reports claim that Diane Sawyer is dating Bill Bradley. The duo was seen together sharing white wine and Champagne at Molos. They two knew each other since their college days.


Professional Life

Following her graduation, Swayer worked as a weather forecaster for WLKY-TV. Later, she was promoted to general assignment post. However, she quit the job and moved to Washington D.C. She applied for a government job. Finally, she ends up being an assistant to the White House deputy press secretary, Jerry Warren.

At the beginning, she used to write the press release. A few months later, she was promoted as administrative assistance to Ron Ziegler and staff assistant to Richard Nixon.

Swayer associated with politics for almost eight years. In 1978, Diane linked with CBS News channel as a general assignment reporter. Two years later, CBS promoted her to a political correspondent.

After that, she featured on Weekday show Morning with Charles. Unfortunately, the rating of the show decreased after Kurtis left the show. As a result, Diane asked to be reassigned. In 1984, CBS News offered her the role of correspondent for '60 Minutes', An American newsmagazine television program. Previously, no female has hosted the show.

In 1989, she joined ABC News to co-host primitive Live newsmagazine. She also co-anchored 20/20 and news magazine until 2000. In 2000, replacing Donaldson, she became a co-anchor of Primetime newsmagazine. She was the first to announce the WTC 9/11 attack in 2001 on Good Morning America.

In late 2009, she bid a farewell to Good Morning America. The following year, she started to work as an anchor of ABC World News. In 2014, she left ABC World News’ anchor seat and started conducting a special and high-profile interview for ABC News.

In 2000, she received an Emmy Award. Prior to that, she was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 1997. Since 2000, she has been honored with numerous prestigious awards that includes Emmy Award for outstanding news and documentary program achievement-program and segment in 2007, a Peabody Award for her excellent work on ‘A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains, the Walter Cronkite for Excellence in Journalism in 2010 and honored with a doctorate degree in 2012 from Brown University.


Net Worth and Salary 2017

Sawyer’s estimated net worth is around $80 million whereas annual salary is around $22 million. For her service, ABC News is paying a huge amount of salary.

As per Forbes Magazine, She has made about $12 million through entertainment income in between June 2005 and June 2008. Being a successful journalist of the generation, she has accumulated immense amount net worth. Her shows and programs have played a significant role in increasing her net worth.