Diane Sawyer

Graceful and versatile legendary journalist Diane Sawyer is currently employed at ABC News Channel as the host of “ABC World News”. Prior to that, she had also worked as the co-anchor for network’s morning news program, “Good Morning America”. Born on December 22, 1945 Diane was born to Jean W. Sawyer and her beloved husband Erbon Powers. She belonged to fairly privileged and economically better off family and therefore she had pretty amazing time while growing up. Interestingly during her senior high school she won the “America’s Miss Junior” scholarship pageant and as a result she got to travel across the nation. Afterwards, she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Wellesley College before graduating from University of Louisville with major in journalism.


Immediately after graduation, she began her journalistic career as news and weather reporter at WLKY-TV. She worked with network for three long years and due to her diminishing interest, she decided to quit. Unable to find any job as broadcast journalist, she started working as White House press aide. She eventually got promoted as literary assistant to former president Richard Nixon. Diane remained associated with political affairs for almost eight years long but her first interest with journalism kept haunting her mind. In 1978, she joined CBS News channel as their general assignment reporter and later got promoted as the CBS morning news anchor. Whatever got assigned to her, Diane just delivered. She gradually started coming to the notice. Many recognized her brilliance with journalism and her hidden potential. So, in 1984 the network offered her the role of correspondent for “60 Minutes” a position she held for five long years.


She had then appeared on several other news stations. Her work profile and experiences makes her one of the highly regarded and legends of her own. In 1998, she became the co-host for ABC’s 20/20 but she continued her work only until 2000. Much in demand and one of the prominent journalists of present gen, Diane sort of ruled that era. Around that time she was offered the role of a co-host for “Good Morning America”. She couldn’t decline such a tempting proposal. She remained with the show for ten long years and finally on December 11, 2009 she bid her farewell to the program. After departing from GMA, she pursued her current role as ABC world news anchor. She has won several awards and recognitions for her contribution to journalism. Back in 2009 she got herself a Peabody award for her work on “A hidden America: children of mountains”.


Today, she’s emerged as highly successful and renowned female journalists in the scene. She is estimated to have a total net worth of $ 60 million and her annual salary equals to astounding amount of $ 22 million. She has made that fortune out of her independent career and her brilliance only. So, basically she can have access to anything she desires. It’s said that she has undergone multiple plastic surgery to retain her beauty and youthful looks. After all she has the money to spend and she’s living just by it.


About her personal life biography, she is married with Mike Nichols since April 29, 1988. He is the television, stage and film director, writer, producer and a comedian. She and her husband however do not have any children together. It was their mutual decision to not have kids and they’re happy having life to their own. Mike does have three kids from his previous marriage though. They have remained married for almost twenty five years of time and are still going strong with each other. Their bond seems pretty unbreakable.


Details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her. To add some interesting piece of news about her, Diane follows Republican Party by heart and back in 2012 presidential election when Obama won, she got highly drunk and wrote all sorts of things in her twitter account to bring Obama down. However, none of these reports have been confirmed.

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