Born to Angela Bryant and MacArthur Hatton on November 4, 1988, Dez Bryant is an American football wide receiver for Dallas cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). Native from Texas, he had attended Lufkin high school. Growing up, he had immense love and interest with sporting activities. His dedication towards sports became more visible during his senior year when he decided to join Texas Football Super Team. He had set of numerable records with his performance and gradually mastered his form. In 2007, he joined Oklahoma State University and was the member of the Oklahoma State Cowboys football team. He continued to shine and perform brilliantly on the battle field. Dez outshined other players with his tactics. He made several records during his freshman year establishing himself as a player to watch out for. His college stats show the evidence about the same.

As an amateur, Dez had showcased his ability with the game. His stats and his forms were nothing short of brilliance. In 2009, he announced his intentions to enter the 2010 NFL Draft. And the year later, his professional career got the head start with Dallas Cowboys picking him in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Despite having played just three games as a junior, missing the remainder of the season due to the NCAA mandate suspension, Cowboys executives felt Dez’s resume had adequate requirement to make it to the team. And rising above the skepticism, he delivered great performance in the field. That same year, it was announced that he would be wearing jersey number 88. Dez has remained in the form ever since he joined NFL and has earned the reputation of the best wide receiver in the game. For just twenty four years old Dez, he’s doing an amazing job.

About his personal life, Dez has not come clean with his relationship status. He’s believed to be single for now. Six feet and two inches tall Dez with the good looks and his popularity may have crushed many women’s heart but he has never publicly admitted his affair with anyone. However, recent controversy associated with him suggests that he’s hooking up with two girlfriends at one time. Of lately, two women claimed Dez to be their man on social networking sites with pictures to prove it. But, he has chosen to remain silent about the speculation. He’s just in his mid twenties and gradually making his way to the top. He’s got plenty of time ahead to make girlfriends but for now he’s got handful work to keep him engaged. To add, he is the father of two sons Zane and Dez Jr.

The young lad is making huge amount of fortune for his age. As per 2012 data, he earns the salary of 1.335 million dollars. It’s definitely more than adequate for him to lead a luxurious and a comforting life. He’s worked his way up and he deserves what he’s got. Having raised by a teenage mother who got arrested for dealing crack cocaine while he was only a kid, his childhood had its blues and melancholy. But now, time has reversed and things have changed for him.

Details about his life and his career can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating him. Also, his fans can dig in deep about him at which displays news about roster moves and injuries. Besides, his fans can remain up close and personal with him by following him at his twitter account which has become an increasingly popular trend among the celebrities to reach out to their supporters. To add some interesting and fun facts about him, he’s not just the superstar player on ground but he’s equally giving off pitch too. He does charities and loves helping those underprivileged kids and families. For 2014, he has planned charity weekend in Dallas.


  • November 4, 1988
  • American
  • Football player
  • 6' 2" (1.87 m)
  • No
  • Lufkin, Texas, United States
  • Zayne 7 and Dez Jr. 4
  • Unmarried
  • 10 million USD
  • Dez Bryant
  • Black
  • Oklahoma State University–Stillwater, Lufkin High School
  • Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube


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