Exceptionally hot and spectacularly divine beauty Demi Moore is an American actress. She’s known by many other titles also. She’s made name as film producer, director, former song writer and a model. She’s a multi talented woman. Unlike other gorgeous babes, she is definitely not a limited edition. Today, she has the estimated net worth of $ 150 million and that alone speaks volume about the altitude of her success. But her past had completely different story. She belonged to a pretty poverty stricken family. Originally from New Mexico, Demi by the time she reached her adolescent years, she had already gone through many traumas in her life. Her real biological dad left her before her birth, her mom remarried but they too later separated, her step dad committed suicide, her family because of poor finance couldn’t afford a comfortable life. It was pretty much chaotic run for young Demi. It could be because of her rough years which moulded her as a head strong and determined woman. She couldn’t afford failure at that point. To support her family, she started working as a debt collecting agent. She even dropped out from high school for that reason.

Back then, Demi also worked as a part time model to add up to her income. She had the look and her undeniable fiery and sexy persona made her the true package to become a pin-up girl. Throughout 80s she posed nude for adult magazine Qui which brought her to the prominence immediately.  She gained wide and escalated popularity for which. She had already started doing movies and TV that time. She had in fact made her debut with “Choices” released in 1981. Year later, she was casted as the regular on the daily soap “General Hospital”. She left the cast during mid 80s to concentrate on more movie projects. She did many forgettable films back then. However, she also managed to work for films that led her to commercial success. “St Elmos Fire” and “About last night” released during mid 80s established her as an actor. But major ground breaking commercial hits were yet to come. She rose to a different height of fame after appearing on 1990s “Ghost”. It just marked the beginning of her triumphant career. She has then afterwards starred in many blockbuster movies including “G.I Jane”, “”Charlie’s Angels”, “Bobby and Mr. Brooks” and so on. Since she’s way too bold about her sexuality, she’s fearless and much confidence when she appears on celluloid.

Mexican hottie Demi Moore has already reached fifty one years of age. And yet she looks as amazing as she did in her early years. Ever young and ever beautiful Demi is a mother of three daughters. It’s almost like unbelievable fact for most of us. She’s that stunning to look at. She’s five feet and five inches tall with almost near perfect body. One blessed kid, Demi has got everything any woman would only dream of. She has millions worth fortune, beautiful children and much younger plus hotter boy toy and worldwide fame, what else could she possibly ask for?

Speaking of her personal life, at present she’s single. Very delirious gorgeous babe has had some failed marriages over the years. Year 1980, she first tied knot with Freddy Moore, a singer. He was twelve years older than her. She was real young when she got married to him and may be because of that and the profession she was in, she couldn’t barely sustain the nuptial. They divorced during 1984. Post her separation, she got engaged with actor Emilio Estevez only to call off the arrangement shortly after. On 1987, she married Bruce Willis, a legendary actor of Hollywood today. She even had three children with him and stayed together with Bruce until 1998 but then her happily ever after didn’t come true with him either. Year 2003, she started dating actor Ashton Kutcher, fifteen years younger than her. Their hook up made headlines at every possible entertainment issue. They made their relationship official on September 24, 2005. Ashton proved to be a good husband to Demi but very surprisingly they both divorced back in 2013. Ever since Demi has not had dated anybody.

Many details about the starlet can be fetched from wiki and other personal sites relating to her. To add some interesting and fun facts about her, she’s one controversial actor. She’s had some glorious moments of her life and people would always remember her that hottie from 80s and 90s. She’s believed to have undergone few plastic surgery help to fixate her looks.


  • November 11, 1962 (age 51)
  • American
  • Nationality
  • 5 Feet 5 Inches
  • Yes
  • Roswell, New Mexico, United States
  • Rumer Willis, Tallulah Belle Willis, Scout LaRue Willis
  • Married
  • 150 Million USD
  • Demi Moore
  • White
  • 37-25-36 inches
  • Yes
  • Wikipedia, Twitter, Youtube


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