Daphne Zuniga is the prolific American actress, globally recognized for her notable character of Jo Reynolds in the Fox’s soap opera of channel ‘Melrose Place’. With the birth identification Daphne Eurydice Zuniga, she was born on the date of 28th October, city of San Francisco, Berkeley in California, United States. Daughter of Joaquin Alberto Zuniga Mazariegos and Agnes A, Daphne grew up in Berkeley belonging to the Finnish and Polish ancestries. Her father was the philosophy’s professor of California State University whereas her mother is Unitarian minister.  Her childhood acting passion has been proved to be practical as she has got the high-profiled success from the same field.

Enlightening the personal life of Daphne, currently she is single. Busy in her profession, she is not found romantically linked with any of the handsome and eligible guy. She has been sharing romantic chemistry with many eminent stars in the movies but her real life is far from any of man’s shadow. Although, many of her gents fans as well as her movie partners have shown their desire to become attached with her, her real life has been found far from any craziness towards any guy. Thus, she is still in unmarried status and has no any children too. However, her single life has been found disturbed by some fizzle rumors. Rumors for her connection with Jason Gedrick in 1986 and Emilio Estevez in 1988 had rounded the Medias and internet but those subjects were just public assumptions. But neither of her relatives nor herself has given any confirmations to that. Due to her brilliant acting, she has been on the high attention of public. Those attentive public sights have focused her delightful façade and raised the rumors for that to be the results of plastic surgery with step of Botox. However, she has rejected the rumors showing her apathy to plastic surgery.

Earning education initially from Woodstock Union High School located at Woodstock, Vermont; Daphne eventually came to complete her graduation with theater arts from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After achieving the graduation, Daphne’s dream in Hollywood stardom came alive after she had landed a role in movie ‘The Dorm That Dripped Blood’ in 1982 as her professional debut. Till date, she has been well known by her role in ‘Melrose Place’. Before that, she was noted for her character in few episodes of sitcom ‘Family Ties’ in 1984 and also for co-starring in the drama series ‘Stone Pillow’ (1985). She stepped with the high success in her career during 1990s, landing a role in television series including ‘Pandora’s Clock’ (1996), ‘American Dreams’ (2005-05), ‘Nip/Tuck’ (2007), ‘Mail Order Bride’ (2008) and many more. Moreover, her career accomplishment is also favored by her marvelous performance in the CW network sitcom ‘One Tree Hill’.  Similarly, she has been appreciated for her justifiable role in Hollywood hits such as ‘Vision Quest’, ‘The Sure Thing’, ‘Spaceballs’, ‘Last Rites’, ‘Dog Gone’, ‘The Fly II’, ‘Monkey in  the Middle’, ‘The Remarkable Life’ and many more. Besides silver screen and TV shows, she has been popular for her appearance in the hit music video of Bob Seger ‘Night Moves’ in 1994. This successful American actress, through acting as her profession has garnered the net worth of $ 2 million establishing herself as the well-paid female celebrity.

As of her childhood passion and high success from her acting career, she has been found mostly interested in acting. Moreover, as the popular fashion icon, she also loves to stand in the new fashion ware that represents her perfection. In addition to that, willing to keep her personal and professional life separate, she tries to attend each of family celebrations and enjoy a time with her relatives. Normally, travelling different places and enjoying in the friend’s circle is not far from any of the person’s hobby.

This gorgeous and hottest female Hollywood star, Daphne Zuniga has flourished her career success in the international level. Her marvelous acting has broken the attention of much more Hollywood fans and her career has become inspiration among her fans. For her details regarding career growth, personal life, other ventures and different information related to her biography, wiki along with other different social networking sites like Facebook and twitter are available in the internet.


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