Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams is a television host who serves as the chief legal affairs anchor for ABC News. Dan Abrams is as well a legal commentator, web entrepreneur and bests selling author, and a former anchor of Nightlife.

's Short Bio

Name Dan Abrams
Date of Birth May 20, 1966 (age 47)
Nationality American
Address Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States
Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Occupation Television Personality, Author
Marital Status Married
Divorce N/A
Children Everett Floyd Abrams
Net Worth 23 Million
Employer ABC News
Online engaged Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Youtube
Wife Florinka Pesenti
Ethnicity White
Tattoo(s) N/A

Native from Manhattan, he was born to an affluent family. He’s the son of former attorney Floyd Adams and his beloved wife Efrat Abrams. He had attended some of the elite educational institutions in the West. Graduated from Duke University with major in political science and later received his Juris Doctor from Columbia University Law School in 1992.

After graduation, he started his broadcasting career as a reporter for Court TV. During his tenure he covered OJ Simpson criminal case, International War crimes Tribunal from Netherlands and the assisted-suicide trials of Dr. Kevorkian from Michigan. For a beginner, he definitely did not disappoint his employers.

In fact, his reporting and story coverage activities demonstrated his real capability with journalism. However, such an ambitious mind, Dan wouldn’t have settled for only that. He had both the potential and hopes of accomplishing greater heights profession wise.

So, therefore Dan joined NBC News channel in 1997 as their general assignment correspondent. He gradually started getting promoted to higher positions and quickly became regular contributor to “NBC Nightly News”, “Today” and “Dateline NBC”. From 2006 to late 2007, he also served as General Manager of MSNBC.

He remained with the network for fifteen long years. His growth and his ever increasing popularity that he had accomplished during his stay at MSNBC were just amazing. But despite the huge admirations, he announced his departure from the network so as to undertake the responsibility of a legal analyst at ABC News station since March 2011. He also managed to create the similar impact at ABC too. Viewers continue to love him the same way.

Besides, working as Chief Legal Affairs anchor for ABC, Dan also serves the network as the regular contributor to other shows including “The View”, “Good Morning America”, “Nighline” and “The Katie Couric Show”.

He has also recently published his debut book which became one of the Washington Post best sellers. Prominent journalist and an entrepreneur Dan has emerged as one of the desirable men in the front. Also, fueling his professional success is his handsome good looks.

Net worth and Salary 2017:

Dan Abrams net worth has a 23 Million and annual salary is also high in 2017. In June 2012,  Dan Abrams had his first child, a son named Everett Floyd Abrams, with girlfriend Florinka Pesenti, who was part of the winning team on The Amazing Race 3.

Five feet and nine inches Height, Dan looks equally appealing. Though, he’s approaching his fifties, Dan has done an incredible job of maintaining his health. He doesn’t look shapeless unlike many men at that age do. In fact, he has that appearance and lean body to carry off a shirtless look too. About his personal life biography, he’s not yet married.

He’s had lived a wonderful career throughout. Dan at present is considered one of the highly regarded and prominent journalists. He has worked real hard to accomplish what he has of today. He never had the track record of getting fired from work.

Instead, he only left people wondering the secrets for his gradual success. Unfortunately, he once was diagnosed with testicular cancer but he was fortunate enough to have survived the disease. He chose to come clean about his past much later in life so as to educate and create awareness about the ailment.

Details about him can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating him. Also, his fans and admirers can get to know him better by following him at his twitter account. 


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