The beautiful Dalia El Behery is a quintessential celebrity in her home country, Egypt. The Egyptian film and television actress is a prominent personality renowned for her unmatched beauty and flair. Born on October 15, 1970, she has been a darling of Egyptian television since she was crowned as Miss Egypt two decades ago. At the age of 44, Dalia remains a national media phenomenon and has earned the title of a veteran celebrity all over the country. As glamorous and exciting her life has been, it has not been without devastating personal tragedies that have had crushing effects on the actress.

Dalia has been married twice. Her unsuccessful first marriage when she was twenty-something didn't discourage her from finding love again. A romantic, Dalia found love for the second time when she was in her thirties. In 2008, the media reveled in high spirits with the news of the surprise announcement of her engagement with the celebrated Egyptian businessman and socialite Farid Al Murshadi. Her second husband had also been married previously. He had divorced the actress Sawsan Badr not more than a year prior to his marriage to Dalia. The couple married later that year in a secluded wedding ceremony among their closest friends and members of family. Their romance brought their daughter Kesmat, Dalia's second daughter, into their life. Her first daughter Khadija who was born from her previous relationship had sadly died in infancy because of a disease. After five years together, their marriage collapsed in 2013 and their separation was announced by the actress in an episode of Samar Wel Rijal on Al Kahera Wal Nas TV. They remained close friends nonetheless. Tragedy struck Dalia again in 2014 when her ex-husband was killed in a terrifying auto accident. Farid was the grandson of demised Egyptian celebrities Farid Shawki and Huda Sultan.

A graduate of Helwan University, Dalia had her humble beginning working at the campus from where she had received her bachelor's degree. She worked her way up into media and entered the Egyptian Satellite Channel as a model. A music video for singer Ali El Haggar's single Tegeesh Neaeesh had been Dalia's first significant appearance. She charmed the hearts of Egyptian people during the national beauty pageant, Miss Egypt in 1990. She emerged victorious as the newly crowned Miss Egypt that evening which paved the path to forthcoming modeling deals. As the tradition goes, that year, she represented Egypt at the annual Miss Universe beauty pageant and was eliminated after peaking at the 27th position. After several other campaigns as a model, she finally dived into acting. In 2002, she made her big screen debut with Mohami Khulaa. She followed up with a role in El Banat a year later. In 2004, she was seen in three notable roles in the movies Sana oula nasb, Kan yom hobak and Kalbi younadiek. She was cast in Adel Imam's Al Safara fe Al Emara in 2005 which also starred other Egyptian big names such as Khaled Selim, Hany Ramzy, and Moustafa Amar. That year she also appeared in Harim Karim and Al Bahethat. In 2008, she completed filming for the Sami Muhammad Ali directed television drama Bint Min El Zaman Dah before her wedding later that year. The series was aired on Abu Dhabi Channel and stars such as Miyar Al Ghiti, Izat Abu Oof, Ahmad Saeed and Amro Mahmoud Yasin were seen alongside Dalia. She also stars in Al Ghawas and Juba.

In 2010, Dalia became a Goodwill Ambassador to support World Stroke Day and help in spreading awareness about stroke through campaigns. She is also constantly in sync with the current political situation in Egypt, voicing her support for the Egyptian Revolution in 2011.

Dalia El Behery is a beloved actress and public figure. The former Miss Egypt has been an exemplary model for her people. A mother, veteran model, and an illustrious celebrity, Dalia has come a long way since she was crowned Miss Egypt in 1990. 


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