Dagen McDowell is an American anchor on the Fox Business Network and a business correspondent for the Fox News Channel. Dagen McDowell is also a former business contributor on the Imus In The Morning radio show, and a regular guest on FNC's Hannity.

Extremely talented Dagen had commenced her career since mid 90s. However, she had not always aspired to become a News person. As a matter of fact, she had no clear picture of what she wanted to do until she found a job as a business and financial writer. That pretty much led her to discover and contemplate a career as a journalist for the first time. One can evaluate her accomplishment by looking at her net worth of $ 5 million.

For some news reporter to have gather that sum of fortune speaks incredible amount of talent and intellect she carries. She’s the native from Campbell County, Virginia. Right from the early age, she had this habit of exploring, getting details, wanting to understand/analyze both sides of situation and stuffs like that. So naturally, her getting into the line of journalism made much sense. She graduated from Wake Forest University with a major in Art History.

She began her career as a financial journalist at the Institutional Investor’s Newsletter Division. Dagen seemed to enjoy her first job so much so that she branched out and added on her experience working at SmartMoney Magazine and SmartMoney.com. As she progressed, she started writing personal finance column for TheStreet.com called “Dear Dagen”.

Until that time, she had no hands on experience of working as an on-air reporter. But despite that, Fox News Channel’s executives saw the potential in her and invited her to join the network. She started out there as a business correspondent. Later on, she was granted a position to co-host “Markets Now”. Likewise, she also became a regular guest on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” and a regular panelist on “Cashin’In”. Slowly, she started becoming a popular faces of FNC.

However, taking her life at a bit rewind state, she had undertaken many odd jobs to support her living. She used to work as dressing room attendant and sold beer at golf course. But once she landed at journalism court, she never looked back, ever.

Extremely talented and successful journalist, Dagen’s gorgeous look cannot be overlooked at any cost. She looks hot while on-air distributing daily news to the world. As part of the responsibility of working for Television, she makes conscious effort of appearing great. Besides owning a great heartwarming smile, she has one perfectly toned body and curves which she flaunts on her shows without any hesitance.

She’s got the perfect body measurements and height to go with her charismatic personality. Always dressed impeccably, she distributes similar care to her hair and other accessories too. Since millions of viewers tune into watch news, she’s got to look her best and she makes no mistake on that department.

Speaking of her personal life biography, she is married to Jonas Max Ferris since 2005. Dagen McDowell and her husband had met on the sets of Cashin’In and thereon started their courtship. Her spouse is also on the similar line of work. He therefore understands the amount of stress and commitment that her job requires.

It’s because of that understanding, the two has been able to survive their nuptial for this long years. Despite married for so long time, they don’t have any children together. However, they do have an adopted Chihuahua named Roman at their home. Dagen and her partner seem to have worked for each other at the best possible way. She’s enjoying a happy feet at the moment. She’s not likely to part her ways with Jonas by getting a divorce.

Details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her. Like many other celebs, she has also remained highly influenced by social networking sites. Her admirers can follow her at twitter and get to know her better. To add some trivia about such hard working workaholic lady, she loves racing and is the die heart fan of Washington Redskins. She has a brother who lives in Virginia with his wife and daughter. For her wedding day, she bought her gown from Kleinfeld Wedding Emporium in Brooklyn. Other such trivia about Dagen can be fetched from IMDb.


  • January 7, 1969 (age 45)
  • American
  • Anchor
  • Jonas Max Ferris (m. 2005)
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  • Campbell County, Virginia, United States
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  • Married
  • Dagen Mcdowell
  • White
  • Wake Forest University
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