Clotted cream is an edible dairy product produced from cow milk which is also called Cornish cream and is originated in Britain. It is dense cream which is made by heating the cow milk in high temperature and letting it to be cool in vessel and the healthy bacteria helps to raise the cream to the surface. It is the cream which has highest percentage of fat which is called butter in rest of the countries except Britain. Although it has popularity but it is not exported due to its short edible period and short expiry time. It also has some bad aspect as everything has some bad aspect as it cannot be used more in diet chart because of its high percentage fat which is injurious to health.


Talking about its history, firstly it was made just to control the milk waste and to preserve the milk for a short period of time. The farmer of Cornwall, Devon firstly used this process and we can say that the origin place of clotted cream is Devon and its surrounding reason of south east Britain.  It is also told that only Englishmen know the perfect recipe to make a good and yummy clotted cream. And due to time it became so famous and nowadays it occupies a prominent place food chart of British people. Back in 19th century it was considered the best nutrition diet compared to raw cream as the raw cream was sour and unhealthy to eat. In Britain it is a tradition to parcel the cream to the relatives in occasion and festivals. These days it has two method of preparing in the dairies firstly making the cream from milk, heating the milk letting the cream to rise in the top and the next procedure is separating the cream from milk and then making the clotted cream only of milk cream with the latest technology. But the making of cream from separated cream is little unhygienic as the cream is not heated to 100 degree Celsius and ignores the pasteurization process.


Recipe and process to make clotted cream at homemade:

 The recipe of making the clotted cream is as follows firstly we have to pour the cream separated from milk in to a vessel in the way that there should be bubbles formed in the top of the vessel and after that we should heat the cream up to 80 to 90 degree Celsius. And after that the vessel containing milk should be kept untouched for minimum 8 hours and surprisingly the vessel will have a thick layer of cream on its top which is yellowish in color clotted cream then take out the cream out of the vessel and enjoy it. This cream can be used for 3-4 days if is refrigerated as told by nutritionists.


The Process of making clotted cream Fudge:

The clotted cream fudge is the dish prepared with the help of clotted cream and other ingredients. For this we should have the following items and follow the recipe as listed below. Sugar caster which is not refined as much as we the quantity we want to make, then Golden syrup, clotted cream, and Vanilla. After then after all the ingredients are arranged. Keep them in pan and heat in normal temperature until the sugar gets dissolved and then boil it at least for 3 minute till the temperature exceeds 100 degree Celsius. And after that soft spongy thick substance is formed and pour it in vessel and let it cool down and then cut it into the desired piece and have it. For longer use keep it in airtight vessel.