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An advocate of personal wellness and fitness, Christie Brinkley appearing in the countless magazine covers and runways has been a very accomplished model, actress and designer of the American nationality since 70s. Daughter of Herbert Hudson and Marjorie, Brinkley was born as Christie Lee Hudson on the date of 2nd February, 1954 in Monroe, Michigan of United States. She and her brother named Gregory were brought up in Brentwood by her mother along with the adoption of her father. Embodying the all-American glances, she has been dominating the fashion industry since a long time.

With the close look on Brinkley’s personal life, she has been found to be married for four times throughout her lifetime and is the mother of three children. As of her personal life records, the very first husband of this fashion icon was artist of France, Jean-Francios Allaux. Married in 1973, the couple ended their relation by the official divorce in 1981. After that, she came tie the love bonds with Billy Joel, a musician in 1983. The second marriage of both Christie and Billy was held in 1985 that led to the birth of a child named Alexa Ray Joel in 1994. Though, she was still the wife of Billy, she began her relationship with Richard Taubman, a real estate developer in 1994. Following the few months, the couple got married. Subsequently after a year in 1995, giving birth to a baby, Jack Paris Taubman, the duo ended their marriage. After the divorce with Taubman, Brinkley hooked up with an architect, Peter Hasley Cook in 1996 and wedded in the same year. Their son named Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook was born on 1998. Though, she shared her conjugal life with altogether four guys, none of the relation could run for a long. So, since the divorce with Cook in 2008, she has been living a single life.

Being primarily educated from the Paul Revere Jr. High, she attended Le Lycee Francais locatec at Los Angeles from 9th-12th grade. Later enlightening her childhood fascination to acting, she went Paris in 1973 to study arts. Subsequently scouted by the American photographer at the post office in 1973 in Paris, she was introduced to the Elite Model Management’s agent, John Casablancas. Instead of studies, her modeling aspiration was increased by then and returned back to California. Very sooner, she became cover girl of the Glamour magazine for multiple times and was followed by the 25-year modeling contract to cosmetic brand name, ‘CoverGirl’, which has been recognized to be the longest contract in the modeling history. The appearance on the popular ‘Sports Swimsuit Issue’ cover for the 3 consecutive years has been included as one of the notable career credit for this supermodel. During 1980s, she was featured on over 200 magazines’ cover. Her first attempt of branching out into the screen was a small role in 1983 movie ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’. Juggling the family goals and career was a bit problematic for Brinkley during the 1980s. However, being equivalent to modeling success through acting, she broadened her vocation appearing in the CNN talk show ‘Living’. Struggling with the personal challenges after the divorce with Cook, reprising the role in the hit musical entitled ‘Chicago’, she returned her work to Broadway in 2012. Being engaged in the fashion and show business from the decades, obviously, this woman is the owner of millions of dollars. As of the latest records, her estimated net worth has been found to be $80 million.

To her benevolence, she has embarked her works in several charities and non-profit making foundations. Since a long period, she has been participating in the activism of UNICEF and Susan G. Komen Foundation. Moreover, loving the sports, she has been working in the very different way, founding a club for the game ‘Cutting’, in which a competitor gets 2 and ½ minutes for cutting as much cattle as they can from the herd. Likewise, this animal loving person has been working for animal rights in the joint venture with PETA.

Other endorsements includes, a book on her author titled ‘Christie Brinkley’s Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Book’, a top book of New York Time’s list of best seller. Moreover, since 1992, she has been making the international sales from her own brand named Nouveau Eyewear i.e. the line of sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses called as ‘Christie Brinkley Perspectives’. Considered for conquering the ideal looks with the blonde hair, slim figure, soft features and blue eyes, she has been popular as a super-model more than as an actress. For the detailed biography, various sites like wiki are available in the internet.

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