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Only truly blessed artists can internalize their characters to an unexpected realistic degree and Chiwetel Ejiofor is one of them who have ability to give life to the characters he portrays. With unmistakable onscreen presence, genuine smile and honest looks, Chiwetel Ejifor slowly and steadily built a strong career resume. His consistent good performances have been honored with a number of high-profile awards. His face sky rocketed when he earned Oscar Award nomination on the category of Best Actor, for his performance in the much acclaimed film “12 Years a Slave”. The nod helped him garner a number of high profile projects. His up-coming movies include “Triple Nine”, “The Martian”, ‘The Secret in Their Eyes” and “Doctor Strange’.

An English actor, writer and director Chiwetel Ejiofor came into the earth on 10th of July 1977 as Chiwetelu Umeadi Ejiofor. Native of Forest Gate, London, Chiwetel is a son of doctor, Arinze and pharmacist, Obiajulu. He is an older brother of Zain Asher, a CNN correspondent. A tragedy stuck him at age eleven when the car, his dad was driving got crashed. His father died in accident, Chiwetel was badly injured. Some scars he got from accident are still visible. Chiwetel discovered his love for at an early age and by age thirteen; he started taking part in school productions.  He attended the Dulwich College and appeared in several plays at National Youth Theater productions and consequently attended the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. However he dropped out after a year, after nabbing a role in feature film “Amistad”.

Chiwetel and his sweetheart Sari Mercer, a Canadian actress & model has been featured on the cover of OK! in its February 2014 issue. The couple is still going strong though they have not thought about getting hitched any time sooner. Chiwetel had a long term relationship with actress Naomie Harris. They were together for around seven years from 2000 to 2007.

He ventured into small screen in 1996, playing Ebow in television film “Deadly Voyage”. Although his role was not much high profile, it was enough to captivate attention of director Steven Spielberg who saw potential in his and cast him in his film “Amistad” as Ens. James Covey. Though his role in the movie was small, it opened him doors for more promising roles. He next starred as Rix in 1999’s “G:MT – Greenwich Mean Time. He then landed a lead part in 2000’s “It Was An Accident”. In 2003, he nabbed a part in the high-profile comedy “Love Actually”, starring High Grant, Colin Firth and Emma Thompson. With these works, he earned some recognition among moviegoers; however he was still waiting for a role that would establish him as a mainstream actor which came in the form of “Dirty Pretty Things” in 2002. His portrayal of an illegal Nigerian Immigrant Okwe who is a kind hearted doctor earned him the 2003 British Independent Film Awards in the category of Best Actor. He portrayed Orsino in television film “Twelfth Night” which was followed by an independent comedy-drama “She Hate Me”. Demonstrating his versatility, he portrayed a charmingly sadistic crime boss Victor Sweet who kills the adoptive mom of four children in “Four Brothers”. In 2005, he earned Black Reel Awards nods for Best Ensemble, for his performance in the movie. One more appealing wicked role followed when he was cast as The Operative in “Serenity”. From mid to late 2000s, he appeared in movies like “Slow Burn”, “Kinky Boots”, “Inside Man”, “Children of Men”, “Children of Men”, “Tsunami: The Aftermath”, “Talk to me”, “American Gangster”, “Redbelt”, “Slapper”, “Endgame”, “2012”, “Tonight at Noon” and “Salt”. In 2011, he portrayed the character of Jonah Gabriel in television series, “The Shadow Line”. His popularity soared in 2013 after he portrayed a sold slave, Solomon Northup in the much acclaimed film “12 Years a Slave”. That same year, he appeared in “Half of a Yellow Sun”. Back on the small screen, he portrayed the character of Louis Lester in British television drama “Dancing on the Edge”. His net worth is reported to be eight million dollars. More information can be fetched via wiki and his personal information. 

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