Versatile and one of the stylish emerging faces of the music industry, Cher Lloyd born on July 28, 1993 is an English singer-songwriter, rapper and a model. Ambitious from an early age on, she rose to fame when she placed fourth in the seventh season of “The X Factor UK”. Although she failed to claim the title, Simon Cowell saw enough prominence in her and immediately signed her on to the label, Syco Music.

She started working on her debut album once she completed her “X Factor” tour. She released her first single “Swagger Jagger” around 2011. Her second song “With your love” released couple of months later which peaked straight at number 4 on UK charts. Basically, that song helped her to become quite a bit famous around the globe. Native from Malvern, England Cher always had bigger dreams for her. She just knew that she wanted to become nothing but a musician. However, she needed a bit of training though. For that, she started attending Stagecoach, a school focused on arts after graduating from Dyson Perrins High School.

Very determined to make it large at music industry, she auditioned for the seventh season of “X Factor UK”. She got selected. Her charismatic personality and her dynamic singing talent won hearts of both judges and audiences throughout the competition. However, she only could get the fourth place. Luckily for her, Simon Cowell opened a new door of hope for Cher by signing her to his record label. She released “Swagger Jagger” and “With your love” songs before she released her debut album “Sticks + Stones” on October 2012. She immediately set off for U.K tour to support her album. Around that time, she had all the preparations ready to penetrate US market too. Her second venture “Sorry I’m late” is due to release sometimes in 2014. However, in between these years, she got to collaborate with some of the popular and rising artists of music industry. A new comer only, Cher has a lot to prove and miles to go actually. She has yet to become the iconic musician and she definitely carries the world of potential also.

Since, she’s got an impeccable appeal and a pretty face, she recently signed onto a modeling contract with Select Agency. Cher has now become a model also. She has appeared on the cover of RWD magazine. Speaking of her style quotients, she would soar high in the radar. Very bold and experimental Cher keeps on opting for different looks every time. Her fashion sense speaks a lot about her personality. She’s not only changing clothes to appear glamorous, she’s actually making some daring moves out there. Cher has shaved the left side of her hair and kept long at the other half. Very colorful by nature, she enjoys coloring her hair occasionally but the one that really got people talking about was her decision to paint red hair. One hot talented babe, Cher can turn heads anywhere she’d ever go. She’s an epitome of sex appeal. Since she has got one perfect body, she rocks the bikini wear just as easily.

Speaking about her personal life biography, she is currently affianced to her boyfriend Craig Monk. Both of them barely dated for less than a year before deciding on to getting engaged. Many however criticized her for her decision to get married at such an early age of 20 but she defends her choice stating that to be pretty normal in her culture. Details about her can be obtained from wiki and other sites relating her. Her aficionados can also get to know her better through twitter, one of the most popular social networking sites of today’s gen. It’s pretty inspirational that kids at such young age accomplishing great career heights. Although she has just begun here, she already has the total net worth of $ 750 thousand. It’s a big amount of money for other regular people. Some interesting news about the upcoming starlet, Cher has multiple tattoos on her body. She has also gone under surgery to fix the gap between her teeth. She now has a brand new smile and she looks much happier than ever before.


  • 28 July 1993
  • British
  • Singer-songwriter, rapper, model
  • 5' 2" (1.57 m)
  • No
  • Malvern, United Kingdom
  • No
  • Unmarried
  • 750 thousand million dollar
  • Dark Brown
  • Cher Lloyd
  • White
  • 32-24-32
  • Yes
  • Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube


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