One of the celebrated names in Hollywood, Challen Cates is an accomplished US independent movie producer & actress. She is widely recognized for her splendid performance in the film “Monte Carlo” & playing Mrs. Knight in the popular television sitcom “Big Time Rush”. She was born with her real name Challen Michelle Cates on 28th September, 1967. She was raised by her American parents, in her birth land of Roanoke City, in Virginia, Southern United States.

It has been near a decade that the stunning American beauty has stood up as a married woman. Her husband is Aaron McPherson, a well known American actor. After few years of romantic affair, the couple walked down the aisle on 2nd September, 2005. Sustaining their relationship with full support & love, the couple are now parents’ to their 2 children together. They have a son named Colton McPherson & a beautiful daughter named Jasper McPherson.

47 years old Challen Cates commenced her career in show business at the age of 24, in 1991.She has established herself as a proficient executive producer, making 2 US independent movies, namely “The A- List” & “A Fare To Remember”, released in the year 2001 & 1998, respectively. Additional to producing, the gorgeous lady has also landed the lead roles in both films. In the year, 2004, she portrayed the main female character in another independent film “They Would Love You In France”. Since the start of 2000, Challen has as well emerged in minor parted in numbers of American TV series, such as “Diagnosis : Murder” (1993- 2001), “Monk” (2002- 2009), “Cybill” (1995- 1998), “1-800-Missing” (2003- 2006), “Roseanne” (1988- 1997), “CSI: NY” (2004- 2013), “Criminal Minds” (2005), to name a few. The blooming actress has even landed as herself in the popular ABC comedy drama mystery sitcom “Desperate Housewives” (2004- 2012). In the year 2007, she played a role in the ABC network television film “The Dukes of Hazard: The Beginning”, starring Jonathan Bennett, Randy Wayne & April Scott. Challen recently played a supporting character in “Big Time Rush” (2009- 2013), a Nickelodeon original sitcom. The dexterous actress has also made her portray as Mrs. Knight, one of her highly acclaimed character, in 6 different Nickelodeon’s “Big Time Rush” film franchise namely, “Big Time Dreams”, “Big Time Movies” (2012), “Big Time Beach Party” (2011), “Big Time Christmas” (2010), “Big Time Concert” (2010), & “Big Time Audition” (2009). In the franchise “Big Time Rush”, Challen was simple referred to as ‘Mama Knight’ or ‘Mrs. Knight’, however in “Big Time Moms’, there was clarified that her initial name was in fact Jen, or Jennifer.

Challen Cates is noted to do scrupulous background preparation for her on-screen characters so that she can add life to the role she lands. The extent of her preparation pours life to her characters. The adept actress has further skills up her sleeve too. The gorgeous actress in 5’4’’ has today won the attention of numerous viewers with her splendid acting & has too succeeded garnering pretty good assets; nonetheless her current net worth is still unveiled.

Needless to say, Challen Cates is a celebrated actress, in fact it’s known to everyone who has witness her acting endeavors. A mother of 2, Challen has neatly balanced her professional schedule with her family life & can definitely be seen as a role model to her younger counterparts inside the entertainment world. To acquire more information, visit multiple of internet sites concerning Challen Cates professional & personal life biography. Though, there is not much news about her personal history on wiki, a close glance over few other sites can be oblique. 


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