Cesar Millan is the renowned Mexican American dog expert. This self-taught specialist is widely recognized for his hit television series named Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. Since 2004 to 2012 the series was broadcasted in over eighty countries throughout the world. Before coming out with the series Dog Whisperer he was active in his self founded foundation called Dog Psychology Centre whose prime focus was to rehabilitate the aggressive dog. On 27th August 1969, he was born to his parents Felipe Milan Guillen & Maria Teresa Favela as Millan Cesar Favela in Culiacan, Sinaloa in Mexico. He had his own innate technique with dog since his childhood that he was given the name el Perrero which means dog boy. This was when he was sure he wanted to come out as the top dog expert in his afterwards life. However he made the official announcement of his vocation at the age of 13 standing in front of a large bronze to his mother on the way to his judo competition.

Embarking his professional life, the veteran dog trainer was in 21 years of his age when he crossed border into US without visa, was unable to speak English & recognized no one in USA. In the struggling phase of his career, his first job was in a dog grooming store where he had to deal with the most violent dogs which later led him to create the Pacific Point Canine Academy. His initial client was & supporter of that time was Jada Pinkett Smith. She provided him with an English tutor for a year. After that he formed Dog Psychological Centre in South Los Angeles at 2-acre facility. It was in year 2002 when he started working with MPH Entertainment, Inc. making a television pilot for Dog Whisperer. It was the reality television series that goes after Milan as he toils in the field of dog psychoanalysis and also helped in puppy training. The show has its premier on National Geographic Channel September 13, 2004. Later the series was telecasted Nat Geo Wild channel. During its first season the series was Geographic channel number one show broadcasted in more than eight countries around the world. However the series final episode was shown in the end of 2012. However the veteran trainer was back with his another series called Cesar Milan’s Leader of the Pack in 2013. In his career span he was worked with several A listed Hollywood personalities such as Nicolas Cage, Oprah Winfery, Vin Diesel & Will Smith. In 2009 he took his work to another level launching the magazine called Cesar’s Way in both Canada & USA. The magazine is all about the Cesar advice which also contains the articles that provides the information about the humans & dogs.

The personal life of this veteran self-taught dog specialist seems more or less complicated as accounted. In the 43 years of his age his fifteen years old marriage ended to divorce. He was married to his loving wife llusion Milan in 1994. But because of some issues & misunderstanding the couple ended their marriage in divorce in 2012. The gorgeous pair of Cesar & llusion is blessed with the two children as son Andre Milan & Calvin Milan. In recent time it seems like his life began to fall apart. Following his divorce his relation with his sons also degrades as they blamed him for the reason of divorce. As for now he is single with no girlfriend.

Cesar, the Mexican immigrant who crept over the border & once slept under the highway viaduct with no food has definitely come a long way in his career; his 43-acre ranch & his Dog Psychology Centre are the evident of his successful career.  The TV star is definitely at the top of the world. His decade long career has helped him to earn his net worth of $ 45 million which can help him lead prosperous live fulfilling want of his children. As the life is never the bed roses he once committed suicide & divorce is considered as the main reason for this.

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  • August 27, 1969 (age 44)
  • Mexican
  • Dog Trainer
  • 5 Feet 5 Inches
  • N/A
  • Culiacán, Mexico
  • Andre Millan, Calvin Millan
  • Married
  • 45 Million USD
  • Ilusion Millan (m. 1994–2012)
  • Cesar Millan
  • White
  • Yes
  • Wikipedia, Twitter, Youtube


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