Probably the word ‘legendary’ had come through any talented figure like Catherine Bach exposes their talents in the top stadium. Undeniably, American-born Catherine Bach is the living legend of the Hollywood movie industry. There’re no large numbers of movies and television productions in her credit but she has accumulated much more from which she has performed. More interestingly the role of Daisy Duke, she had played in TV sitcom ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ made her compatible to compete in the game of fame in the entertainment world.

Catherine Bach took birth as Catherine Bachman during the year 1954 on 1st March in Cleveland, Ohio of United States. Her mother, Norma Jean Kucera was an acupuncturist whereas her father, Bernard Bachman was a rancher. She carries German heritage from her father’s side and Mexican heritage from her mother’s side. Born in Ohio, she had spent of most of her childhood days in South Dakota with her grandparents and graduated in 1970 from Stevens High School located in Rapid City of South Dakota. Thereafter, she had joined for arts course at UCLA. Within her time in UCLA, she supported her economy by making clothes for theatre groups and many of her friends.

Talking about her personal life, she is twice married woman. Firstly she was married to David Shaw (Angela Lansbury’s stepson) in 1976. The couple managed to prolong their togetherness till 1981, when they separated with the legalized divorce. Thereafter in 1990, Peter Lopez (an entertainment lawyer) entered her life being her better half. The couple had two children together that include the daughters: Laura and Sophia. Her relationship with Lopez ended in 2010, when Lopez died. He was reported to have committed suicide. Still gorgeous looking Bach has been placed in the gossip floor where she has been talked for having ageing reversal treatments of plastic surgery like Botox, facelift, neck-lift and eyelift.

Her acting fascination from an early age led her to move to California in search of better platform. She was initially fascinated to acting after seeing her uncle, Tony Verdugo (an actor) in several stage productions. Supporting her finance with varieties of day jobs, she took dancing classes, gave auditions and finally attained few movie roles and television bits. In her career started in the 1970s, firstly she rose into fame in 1973 for playing a role as Melody in movie ‘Thunderbolt and Lightfoot’, which followed her portrayal as Natalie Clayborne in 1974 hit ‘The Midnight’. Thereafter she heard about an audition for role looking like Dolly Parton for sitcom ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’. When she reached to the producers, despite not having such looks producing community searched for, she was hired. She played regular as Daisy Duke in the series from 1979 till 1985. Under her show’s producers she had posed for the poster as Daisy Duke, which sold 5 million copies. After the series’ cast ended, series of several unsuccessful movies followed and later came to revitalize her fame in 1992 through the Canadian family drama sitcom  ‘African Skies’. She appeared regularly all of total 52 episodes as Margo Dutton in the sitcom from 1992 till 1994. In 2012, she had portrayed the role of Anita Lawson in CBS soap opera sitcom ‘The Young and the Restless’. She has landed guest spots in several television sitcoms such as ‘Police Woman’, ‘Enos’, ‘Monk’, ‘The Love Boat’ and many more. several movie roles of the actress include ‘Hustle’ (1975), ‘Nicole’ (1978), ‘Driving Force’ (1989), ‘Masters of Menace’ (1990), ‘The Nutt House’ (1992), ‘You Again’ (2010) and many more. Throughout her career Bach has garnered the net worth of $3 million.

Accomplished actress, Bach has her own diamond jewelry line launched in 2002 at Debenhams. Her outfits for her role as Daisy Duke in the sitcom ‘The Dukes of the Hazzard’ was adored by much more people. Hand-made costumes including the most famous cut-off jeans of Bach had received much more appreciation.

Catherine Bach, still dazzling beauty has stayed in the heart of many entertainment lovers worldwide. Being involved in entertainment industry since 1970s, she has already devoted over four decades of her life to the showbiz industry. Her detailed biography can be obtained in wiki. Moreover, her enthusiasts can reach her through her accounts in social net-working sites like Facebook and twitter.



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