Scottish weather forecaster and presenter, Carol Kirkwood born on May 29, 1960 is currently employed at Met Office. She is best known for forecasting weather for BBC Breakfast. One of the eight children, she was named Carol MacKellaig at birth. Growing up, she was a shy kid and could not come out of her shell until her twenties. She had attended Lochaber High School in Fort William. Later, she joined Edinburg’s Napier University where she received BA in commerce.  After the completion of her graduation, she joined the BBC’s Secretarial Reserve in London. She then left the corporation and subsequently started working as an associate director in recruitment and as training consultant for management consultancy.


In 1993, she rejoined BBC‘s television training department at Elstree Studios as a freelance presenter. Afterwards, she made her debut as a presenter on a local cable channel and performed her responsibility with all the sincerity. Her work got noticed and in 1996, on its launch Carol was hired by UK based The Weather Channel, presenting on satellite and cable television, as well as Talk Radio. When the Weather Channel closed its European outlet, she joined Met Office that led her to join the team at BBC Weather Centre in 1998. And ever since, Carol has remained with BBC. Since 2008, she has taken the role of the weather presenter for BBC Breakfast.


Besides, BBC Breakfast she has also appeared on number of other shows for the network including BBC One, BBC News, BBC World News, BBC Red Button and many more. Vibrant and cheerful, Carol has won many hearts over the years. Audiences and her regular viewers love catching their favorite weather presenter every morning on BBC channel. She has earned TRIC (Television and Radio Industry Club) award for best weather presenter for four times in a row; in 2003, 2008, 2009 and 2012. 


At fifty three, Carol astonishingly looks radiant and young than ever. It’s incredibly difficult to believe her real age. She’s fit, she’s hot and has the magnetic personality to her and upon interviewed, she credits her diet regime and everyday exercise for her fitness.  Six feet and five inches tall Carol has the advantage with height and thus can easily carry off any look with great confidence.  She often wears outfit that shows off her beautiful assets including her great figure and her long envious legs. Her hair and makeup also compliments her look and basically she looks effortlessly beautiful on screen.


She married her husband Jimmy Kirkwood in 1986. She had met him during Napier days, where she’d completed her graduation. Subsequently, upon the completion of graduation, the two tied the knot. They remained married for almost twenty two years but in 200, the couples decided to divorce. It was a heart breaking decision for her at that time. But she overcame that grief beautifully. However, the two of them never had children ever. At present, she’s all single. After the separation from her spouse, she has kept her private life a low key. So, it’s not known whether she’s engaged with some other men or not.


She’s very popular among her viewers. Every morning, millions of households tune into BBC to watch her deliver weather reports. And we all know, fame comes with a price and because of that may be, her fake pictures displaying nude poses and tits are circulated all over the internet. But they have been confirmed to be forged and hold no truth behind them. She is also on the twitter and her fans can follow her there to know more about their favorite weather caster. More and detailed information about her life can be obtained through wiki and other personal sites relating her. 


  • May 29, 1962 (age 51)
  • British
  • Presenter
  • Christianity
  • Jimmy Kirkwood
  • 6 feet 5 inches
  • N/A
  • Morar, United Kingdom


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