Best known as Jessica Wakefield in early 90’s drama series Sweet Valley High, Brittany Ann Daniel is amongst the established American actresses. Born in Gainesville, Florida, the ever gorgeous Daniel’s birthday is on March 17, 1976. Daniel had simple and fairly soothing early days. She grew older with her twin sister Cynthia Daniel and her elder brother Brad Daniel under the supervision of her parents Carolyn and C. B. Daniel. 

She went to Gainesville High School along with rest of her siblings to attain the secure tutoring. While attending these usual routine, she with her sister Cynthia was offered to in-act as a model by Ford agency. The girls were only at the age of eleven at that instance. Later, the twins were seen in several commercials and drama series including Seventeen, YM and for double mint bubble gum ads. As she considered her sister as the better half of her, their career voyage started off from the same point with the poignant line. The two sisters made their debut in the television through a sitcom back in 1989 named as The New Leave It to Beaver. After completing her high school level, she got the role in the television drama series as Jessica Wakefield. This role of her made a great impact on her acting career and made easier to pursue the required recognition. While shooting for the Sweet Valley High, the girls landed the role in their first film The Basketball Diaries.

Later she appeared in several other television and film series such as Dawson's Creek, On Hostile Ground Joe Dirt. Daniel was also seen playing the lead role in the short-lived series that '80s Show and that '70s Show made under the Fox production. Sequentially, she kept on providing her exceptional performance to the audiences in preceding terms and soon she was enlisted to act in The CW Television Network's comedy series The Game. She appeared in the thriller based movie Skyline which was released back in 2010.

She is not married yet but had quite a few affairs from her past which became the talk of the town at those days. Her name was constantly raised in media because of her link ups with her co-stars. Not only her natural acting skills and speedy ascend to superstar position have been the topic of chitchat but also her behind the scenes romances have also gathered her quite a few consideration. The fresh romantic relationship in early 90’s with her boyfriend Joshua Jackson was on each rumor editorial all over the nation. In recent times, Brittany was frequently spotted spending time with Craig Kilborn, the host of Late Show and more than a few consistent sources has supposed that the two might be dating with each other but Brittany has not clearly mentioned any one of them as her husband or a special friend so far.

This wan beauty has exotic appearance. She’s got the height of five feet and seven inches. Her slender and delicate figure oozes colossal magnetize and sex-appeal. The blonde temptress has got perfect body measurements that customarily doles out as the entity of men’s imagines. Blessed with extremely beautiful features, the green eyed beauty carries out mind-boggling attractiveness with overwhelming attitude that is equally awe-inspiring and startling. Her personality matches up with any hair- styles and makes ups she experiments with. She looks achingly hot in her glamour avatar showing off her elegant legs and feet devastatingly. She has also inked a tattoo on her left toe focusing on the letters B+C that basically means the initial letters of her and her loving sister Cynthia.

She has won several awards for her outstanding performance in drama series Swans Crossing, Best Actress in a teen comedy drama Sweet Valley Hill and also for the movie Last of the Romantics.

She characterized the role of Blinkie in the series named The Basketball Diaries which was highly praised equally critically and publicly. Brittany has a vision to build a burly base regarding her work genres. She has achieved high stardom in very early years of her life and now as she is at thirty seven years of her age she is contributing a lot more to the cinema industry.

Adding more to her trivia, she enjoys bunjee jumping, roller blanding and rock climbing. She often rest in and outside of beach in her leisure time. More of her details can be obtained from wiki and she is often seen active in social networking sites too.