Mellifluous voice, skilled guitar playing & catalog of folk, blues, pop and R& B songs have made the American-born Bonnie Baitt, one amongst the successful singer and guitarist of her generation. Most of her releases during the early career largely comprised conventional blues material and brought out her feminist stance, supple phrasing and abilities.  Emerged into the musical scene since early 1970s, she has been enjoying her success since late 1980s when her album ‘Nick of Time’ was released. Enormous success with the wide applause from both fans and critics was continued with the release of her 1991’s album ‘Lucky of the Draw’.

First of all, her introduction comes as the daughter of acclaimed Broadway star, John Raitt. Alongside her father, her mother, Marjorie Haydock was also a pianist. Having the birth name Bonnie Lynn Raitt, she took birth being a part of musical family on 8th November, 1949 in Burbank, California of United States. As she was born and raised in the musical family, she was fascinated by music from an early age. So, instead of toys, she carried guitar which later developed her interest to Blues. Graduate of Oakwood Friends School, Raitt later joined Radcliffe College for studying social studies and African studies. Thereafter, her friendship with Dick Waterman changed the aspects of her life as he began focusing on her career rather than studies and eventually moved to Philadelphia after completion of first year.

Raitt’s personal life is full of struggles. Though she revived her career even after great loss at a point, she hasn’t been successful in maintaining her relationship. She was married to Michael O’Keefe in 1991 and failing to prolong the cordiality, the couple separated in 1999. Their career which made them great time apart from each other was cited as the causable factor of their divorce. Her singlehood since then might be due to her disinterest in involving in romances as there’s not even a single rumor of her romantic affair with any guy. However, before getting married to O’Keefe, she was encountered with Euge Groove.

Raitt’s career was launched when long-time Blues enthusiast and manager, Dick Waterman signed her. Soon, she began performing with several Blues legends like Sippie Wallace, Howlin’ Wolf, Mississippi Fred McDowell, etc. Her recognition in Philadelphia and Boston was supportive for her to have contract sign with Warner Brothers. She released her self-titled debut album in 1971 which was warmly received for her singing skills and guitar playing. She rose to fame as bottleneck guitarist at that time, when there’re very few women who earned prestige as guitarist. Next year, her second album ‘Give it Up’ was released but it didn’t transform her commercial fortunes despite the universal acclaim for her work. She started receiving greater press coverage in late 1970s, when she released an album ‘Sweet Forgiveness’, which also proved to be her first notable commercial success. Then, her high expectation for her 1979’s release ‘The Glow’ went to vain as didn’t receive much. In 1982, she released her next album ‘Green Light’ in which she had made conscious attempt to return to sound of her previous records. The album surprisingly won hearts of many fans but sales couldn’t get improved. Then, when she was dropped by Warner Brothers due to the continued commercial failures, she began struggling with alcohol & drug abuse problems.  Struggling upon her personal as well as professional pitfalls, she continued her work by participating on concert tours. In 1989, with the release of ‘Nick of Time’, she returned to the peak of her popularity and began gaining the commercial success too. Afterwards, her albums ‘Lucky of the Draw’ released in 1991 and ‘Longing in Their Hearts’ released in 1994 went to be multi-million sellers which spawned the numbers of hit singles like ‘Love Sneakin’ Up On You’, ‘Something to Talk About You’, ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ and others. Since beginning, she has released sixteen studio albums. Her recent albums include ‘Fundamental’ (1998), ‘Silver Lining’ released in 2002, ‘Souls Alike’ released in 2005 and ‘Slipstream’ released in 2012. Throughout her career, she has accumulated the net-worth of $ 12 million.

Bonnie Raitt, an accomplished singer and guitarist is the receiver 10 Grammys. Rolling Stone magazine had dubbed her in the list of ’100 Greatest Singers of All Time’ and ‘100 Guitarists of All Time’. In 2000, she was inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Since her early recordings, she has been lauded for her guitar playing and singing. Additionally, her choice of material has also been another notable fact of her. More details on her personal as well as professional life can be obtained in wiki.


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