Billy Beane | Biography

William Lamar Beane III, one of the popular sportsmen of America was born on 29th March, 1962. He is a former baseball player who is professionally known as Billy Beane. He was born in a military family who lived in Florida. Billy is a skilled baseball player who has been able to win the hearts of many people through his outstanding skills on the pitch. He has managed to establish his prominence even after getting retired as a player by becoming the manager of the Oakland Athletics with unbeatable skills. 

Billy Beane, who was born in Orlando, has been in parts like Hollywood and San Diego during his childhood. He married to Tara Beane at present, was previously married to Kathryn Morris. After getting divorced with Kathryn, he married Tara Beane. Tinsley Beane is Billy’s first child, a daughter born from Kathryn Morris. While, Tara has given birth to twin sons named Casey Beane and Brayden Beane.

Billy was a student at Mt. Carmel High School located in San Diego. He was a renowned student at the high school who was pretty famous for his excellence in various sports. He was not only popular for his baseball skills but he was also much good in football and basketball. By the end of his first year at the high school, he got enrolled in the baseball team of the high school. Only during his early years at the high school, he played many matches with the total of 501 battings. During his senior years, his batting rate dropped to 300. Billy was much focused developing his career as a baseball player so he quitted playing football and basketball to prevent from possible injuries from these games. He was even offered scholarship by the Stanford University only if he would join the baseball as well as football team of the university. As he did not want to risk his baseball career, he turned down the scholarship and joined the University of California of San Diego. Eventually, he started playing professionally for the team, New York Mets. It was the first team he played for as a professional player from 1984 till 1985. In 1986, he started playing for another team called Minnesota Twins. He played for this team till 1987. The year later, and a year after that, he represented Detroit Tigers and Oakland Athletics, respectively. Oakland is the same team which is managed by Billy at present. After representing Oakland Athletics as a player for a year, he now represents it as a general manager. He is being known as a successful manager of this team since 1998. Billy is now one of the richest sportsmen, who earns approximately 1 million dollar per annum. His net worth is estimated to be around 6 million dollars.

Billy is not only famous for the skills he shows on the pitch. His ability of making right decision is praised by Evan Goldberg, the co-founder of famous software company known as NetSuit. He has been chosen as one of the board of directors of this company. Besides this, he is serving well as an advisor of the video game company, MLB Front Office Manager. As reported, he was once offered a five-year long contract by the Red Sox with total payment of 12.5 million dollars. Had he accepted the contract, he would have been the top paid GM in the history of sports. It was his decision making ability which led him to the final decision of staying with the Oakland Athletes. Although he decided to drop his football career, he has always had keen interest in this game. He regards Arsene Wegner, the manager of Arsenal FC as his idol. Also people like Damien Comolli and Stan Kroenke has helped him to know about football in detail.

Billy Beane is a sports hero. He is a talented person who excelled in various fields of sports. He is well known not only for his skills on the field but also for his off-field talent. He is a true baseball player who served his teams not only as a player but his contributions as a GM is remarkable too.

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