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Extremely gorgeous and beautiful Bianca Lawson born on March 20, 1979 is an American film and television actress. She’s probably widely recognized for her regular television roles on “Saved by the bell: the new class”, “Goode Behavior” and “Pretty little liars”. Native from Los Angeles, California she was born to Denise and her beloved husband Richard Lawson. Her father is also an actor. Bianca basically grew up watching her father act. She had no other option but to get inspired by his creative work. Before she knew, Bianca also started developing an interest towards art and performing like her dad. Her aspirations from the early age therefore set on to becoming an actor only. And as she matured, her ambition became even stronger. After graduating from Marymount High School, she went on to study film and psychology at University of Southern California.

Bianca   Lawson

Her career had however started long ago when she was only nine years of age. She started off with commercials and advertisements. She’s therefore familiar with camera, lights and every adrenaline flow that goes with acting. Her proper acting career started in 1993 when she was casted for a leading role as Megan Jones in the television drama “Saved by the bell: the new class”. After wards, opportunities just came flooding from everywhere. She then made appearances on multiple episodes for other television shows including “Sister, Sister”, “Goode Behavior” and also made countless guest appearances for many other 90s shows. In 1997, she played Kendra Young as the vampire slayer in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. However, she only lasted for four episodes and after which her character was killed. In 1999, she got the role of rival character as Nikki Green in then popular show “Dawson Creek” but her association with the team also lasted for couple of episodes only.

As for now, she’s frequently taking on guest roles for many television series. It’s that platform which gave her the recognition. Besides, she has also showcased her acting ability in movies. Her film credits include “Primary colors” (1998), “Save the last dance” (2001), “Bones” (2001) and “Breaking all the rules” (2004). Bianca’s been in the industry for almost twenty years now but unfortunately she’s not yet found that international fame and glorious leading roles either in films or televisions. She continues to work as a supporting cast. But she’s a fighter and she’s not willing to put her guns down. Instead, she persists on working with her spirits high and with positive frame of mind.

Bianca has that unconventional beauty, something really attractive. Her intense sexy looks and that exotic appeal make her one of a kind. She belongs to mixed ethnicity; she’s half American and half African which could be one of the reasons for her seductive appeal. Her height is five feet and four inches which means she’s not the leggy lass but her other assets make her rate high on the sex appeal. She’s immensely gorgeous and she falls in the category of women who look amazing at any given time and frame. Her svelte figure combined with her fiery confidence makes it easier for designers to work any outfit on her. Bianca would do complete justice to any avatar.

About her personal life biography, she’s unmarried. Despite reaching her mid thirties, she has decided on to remain bachelorette for some more time. She has not married anyone and therefore does not have a husband. But she does have a boyfriend named Ernesto Bautista. She’s been dating him for almost five years now. But whether she plans to marry him or not remains a mystery. Bianca has handful of work and she’s not yet accomplished what she’s dreamt of. So, she might as well put marriage on a hold for now. Other details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her. She’s also on twitter. So, her fans and admirers can get to know her better by becoming her follower. Similarly, any other information about the gorgeous Bianca can be fetched through tumblr also.

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