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The lovely and pretty Betty Liu is a journalist and news anchor. She is at present working for Bloomberg Television. She is also an author. She was born in Hongkong and raised in Philadelphia by her parents. She went to Central High School. Later, she completed her graduation from University of Pennsylvania. She majored in English.

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    5' 3" (1.60 m)

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Before entering the television, she started her career in financial journalism. She was the youngest ever Taiwan Bureau Chief for Dow Jones Newswires. Later, she quit that job. She then started working as Atlanta Bureau Chief for the Financial Times. She worked there for several years. She then started her career as an anchor and correspondent for CNBC Asia. There she was appointed to cover the daily market action in the Greater China region for the channel’s morning shows. And finally, not long back, she landed her the opportunity to work for Bloomberg. She joined the channel back in 2007. Currently, she is editor-in-large for the network. Over the course of her professional years, she has written columns for The Wall Street Journal, Far Eastern Economic Review and Philadelphia Magazine. She also co-authored her first book back in 2006 which is titled “Age Smart: Discovering the Fountain of Youth at Midlife and beyond”. The talented Liu has interviewed most influential businessmen and political leaders across the globe including Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Ted Turner and many more. She has got the beautiful and charming looks to her. She has had the strong foundation in her professional career. She stands tall at five feet and three inches. She respects her profession and understands the requirement to look out for her appearances. She has accomplished that beautifully. She wears clothes that are occupation appropriate. She’s got delicate facial features and thus wears outfit accordingly. She shows off her beautiful long legs in an elegant manner. She never goes overboard with her makeup and her wears.


She has been married two times in her life. First, she tied knot with Benjamin L. Walter. But unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2006. The two divorced. They have two children together. On July 21, 2004 she gave birth to twin boys Dylan and Zachary. And then she found love with William. He is the Australian news executive. The two met back in Hong Kong. She then decided to marry boyfriend, William. He is her present husband. She is living a blissful life with her family. She is doing great in her work life and her personal life is also not bad at all. At present, she is happy in her relationship. She is just a young age woman. She is doing great in her work. She is working as Editor in chief for Bloomberg channel. She has already accomplished a lot in her brief career time. She is delivering good performances. Her employers are happy with her. They are paying her handsome salary. She has come a long way in her profession. However, her estimated net worth is not disclosed in the internet by any source. Her biography can be obtained through Wikipedia.


To add some interesting trivia about her, she has expertise in speaking Chinese and Cantonese language with most fluency. She is massively popular in Asian continent. She reaches 240 million viewers on everyday basis. She is one of the successful financial news journalists. With all the fame and fortune, she is still very down to earth and receives every one with a welcoming heart.

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