Ashley Taylor | Biography

There is no shortage of talented young stars in the American film industry. Among the hundreds of new young faces that have graced the big screens in the past few years, Ashley Taylor is one of them. She is a star on the rise who has been appearing in movies and television. A relatively unknown child star, Ashley was born in the mid 1990s and has grown up to be an aspiring Hollywood actress and a budding mainstream celebrity.

Appearing on screen with the likes of fellow young actors Madeline Carroll and Callan McAuliffe, this Isle of Palms, South Carolina native is not the main attraction in her movies  but Ashley doesn’t fail to outshine her co-actors in the scenes she appears. Her full name is Ashley Taylor Schneider but she has adopted her middle name as her stage name and is credited as Ashley Taylor. She was born to Neil and Linda Schneider and has three siblings. When she was ten, she took part in an Actors Models and Talent Competition and appeared in Lifetime movie, Honeymoon with Mom. According to an elaborate post on The Post and Courier in 2010, she was just a fourteen year old freshman studying at the Charleston County School of the Arts when her feature film, Flipped, a movie adaptation of the book by Wandelin Wan Draanen was released in theatres.

Ashley has been modeling for some time and is a frequent on her school’s stage. Her supporting role on the teen romance Flipped in 2010 has boosted her reputation as an up and coming American film actress. She landed the role of after a conversation with the director during her stay in Los Angeles. Ashley was seen in the Rob Reiner directed and co-produced feature film as the well-off it girl of her middle school, Sherry Stalls albeit she originally meant to play the lead actress. She is portrayed as a lively and sophisticated teenager who loves to be the centre of attention of her peers. Ashley has that common with Sherry. She feels ecstatic when the handsome Bryce Loski who is portrayed by Australian actor Callan McAuliffe, asks her to be his girlfriend. She later finds out from Bryce’s best buddy Garrett that she’s just being used by Bryce. Enraged, she breaks up with Bryce. The nature of Ashley’s character is completely opposite to the thoughtful and guarded female lead, Juli Baker, who has the greatest crush on Bryce. Sherry is snobby and a great flirt when it comes to Bryce. The literal girl next door, Juli, is played by the lovely Madeline Carroll. The periodic feature film set in a time period of late 1950s to early 1960s was released on August 6, 2010 to moderate success. Following the release of Flipped, Ashley started working on her second feature film, The Chaperone, in late 2010. The Chaperone was released in February 2011 and starred WWE veteran Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, Yeardley Smith, Kevin Corrigan and Ariel Winter. Ashley portrayed the role of Meredith.

A typical teenager at heart, Ashley enjoys watching movies with her friends. She and her friends also watched Flipped together when the movie came out in 2010. Since Flipped, Ashley has shown interest in booking advertisements and searching for roles in television.

Ashley chased after her dream of becoming an actress when she was ten. Since then she has had a talent agent who has helped Ashley to land roles in film and television. As a new comer to the industry, Ashley has played her roles brilliantly and much more fulfilling roles are to be expected from this young actress.

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