Apple pie simply is the favorite recipe in the grandma’s cookbook. To define an Apple Pie would be, it the simple pie of fruit which use apple as its prominent fillings ingredient and is served as desert. There is large variety of apple pie and it is cooked in different ways. Crumble Apple pie, American Apple Pie, Martini Apple Pie are some of the types of Pie consumed and prepared according to the taste of the people. The chief ingredient for the simple Apple pie can be cooking apples with the crisp and acidic nature which should be fresh, canned. The substitute for the fresh apple can be dried and the preserved once in case of the unavailability of fresh apples. Most often apple pie is served with the ice-cream as its topping but some prefer finished pie with cheese toppings depending on the taste of the consumer.


Moving towards the history of the Apple Pie, it was used as the American prosperity symbol and national pride during the nineteenth and twentieth century. It was served to children as their evening meals. Earlier apple pie was prepared at the season of Apple cultivation but later it was replaced by the dried apple and was prepared throughout the year. The history of apple pie is as old as the history of the America. According to the history it was invented long time before the European Colonization in America and is used as the popular desert since then.


The recopie of American pie is different to that of the Swedish pie. The Swedish apple pie is full of the variation of apple crumble flavored with the cinnamon. The receipe of this pie consist of partially or wholly breadcrumbs and rolled oats as sometimes served with the custard with vanilla flavor in it or simply with an ice-cream. Another variety of Apple pie is apple kaka which is baked using fresh apple pieces and served as sponge cake.  


Talking about another popular type of Apple pie is Hot apple pie Martini. It is also served as adult beverage. The recipe for this pie include 2oz vanilla vodka, 1 ½ oz apple cider, 1oz honey with the same amount of lemon juice and ½ teaspoon of cinnamon and after all these ingredient is combined in the martini shaker full with ice, it is shaken well and filled in the martini glass and served after garnishing it with thin apple pieces. This type of pie is popular in get together and is also helpful in blowing the appletinis.


Being the most popular desert in the American society, apple pie is also popular in different part of the world. The days of the seasonal pies are over and the apple pie can be prepared in every season with the various substitutes available in the market. Surely it is the oldest desert of the time, it also shows the ancient culture, as it was used as the American symbol of prosperity. The Apple Pie is most popular recipe in the American Kitchen. It is as old as the America’s history. Both the Europeans and Americans use this unique variety of the food as their desert, beverage and they are also available in different stores or mostly prepared in the homes.


Apple Pie is also the winner at the KCRW Good Food Pie Contest. It consists of 411 calories in one piece of apple pie. In the country with the national language as English, Pie is a popular desert which is consumed hot or cold, along with the ice cream, custard or double cream. As the current recipe of the pie consist of the two spoon of the sugar or ounce of it, but earlier the pie was prepared without any sugar. The pie then used pears juice for its sweetness. The reason of this could be that the sugar was too expensive to purchase in the ancient times. The pie was the tasty as it is now, despite the fact it used pear juice as its substitute. The more and additional information about the pie can be obtained from the wiki.


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