Annemarie Carpendale | Biography

Annemarie Carpendale is one of the renowned names of actresses from German. She is not only an actress but also a singer and television personality who has appeared in several television shows. Similarly, she has also worked as a part-time model and has appeared in runways and print commercials. The multi-talented star was initially born as Annemarie Warnkross on 29th October, 1977 in Hanover, the capital city of Lower Saxony, Germany.

Born in Hanover, Annemarie was raised in Siegen, South Westphalia. The actress does not seem to have interest in disclosing her personal information to others. That is why, her parents’ identities and family background are still unknown. However, it is reported that her mother is a teacher at a primary school in Siegen. While talking about her relationship status, the actress is currently married to Wayne Carpendae, a German actor best known appearing in television sitcom, Below Us. The two began dating in November 2007 and got engaged in December 2011. They turned into a husband and a wife on 28th September, 2013. Before getting married to Wayne, Annemarie has been romantically linked to Oliver Pocher. They were together for nearly 2 years staring from 2002. Oliver is one of the popular celebrities from Germany who is a professional DJ, musician, actor and comedian.

As a teenager, she has lived in Phoenix, Arizona, for a year. During this time, she also attended a high school but later she returned to Siegen and graduated from a high school there called Prince Johann Moritz High School. She received her high school graduation degree in 1997 after which she joined University of Cologne where and studied Business Administration. Soon after receiving her bachelor’s degree, she launched her acting career. Before working as a professional actress, she has performed in stage acts few times. The first time that Annemarie made her television appearance was in 1999 as a minor part of television series Kinderquatsch with Michael. She then joined a pop band called Bellini, in year 2000. In 2004, she made her debut appearance as a film actress by playing a small role in movie Pura vida Ibiza. The same year she appeared in two more television series such as Interactive and Wake Up. After working as a member of Bellini for nearly 5 years she decided to leave the band so that she could focus more in her acting career. That year, she made her cameo in the television show The 100 Most Annoying…. In her latter career, she has appeared in television series such as Extreme Activity, Quiz Taxi, Celebrity Do Not Be Angry!, The Country Doctor, etc. The latest appearance she made as a film actress was in 2011’s movie A Man’s Heart... And The Very Great Love. Similarly, the most recent appearance she made as a television actress was in 2013’s television series The Garmisch-Cops. She has also appeared as a VJ in popular German music network Viva.

Extremely talented actress/singer Annemarie is not only good in acting and singing but also in dancing. She loved dancing since she was a kid and was an accomplished ballet dancer. She also knows how to play piano.

Annemarie is one of the popular personalities from German who is highly lauded for her wide-spread career. She has achieved notable success in every field she has dipped her toe in. She is a praise-worthy woman who is liked by many people in and around German for the talents she has.

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