Andrea Tantaros

The very beautiful and charming Andrea Tantaros is an American political analyst and commentator. She is currently working for Fox News channel where she hosts the hit show “The Five” for the network. Besides, she is also a weekly column writer for the New York Daily Newspaper and Newsmax magazine. Born on December 30, 1978 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, she was born to an immigrant Greek family.  She attended Parkland High School back in 1997. She studied and completed her graduation from Leigh University where she majored in journalism and French. She always had aspired to build her career in journalism and thus opted for the course that helped her realize that dream of hers. The multi-talented beauty can speak multiple languages too. She can fluently talk in Spanish, Greek and French.

She has a certain charm to her personality. She’s got beauty and brains both. Her stunningly beautiful face combined with her quick tongue and biting sense of humor make her presence felt while on-air. She stands tall at five feet and four inches. She is of an average height but her stature serves no obstacles in reaching out to her audiences and binding them to their television screen. She is working for television and thus understands the responsibility to look the part. Therefore, she always dresses professionally. She opts for clothes that suit her body structure. Her outfits’ shows off her beautiful curves and her perfectly toned legs in an elegant manner possible. She has also maintained her shape over the years with active life and her strict diet regimes.

Andrea   Tantaros

Her first ever job was as a waitress at her parents restaurant “Pied Piper Diner”. She was only eight years old back then. Later, she quit the job in order to pursue her bigger dreams. Prior to becoming a television journalist and anchor, she worked as communication strategist for several high profiles political campaigns. She is the former House GOP press secretary and she also has worked as a press secretary to Gov. William Weld and Judge Jeanie Pirro.

She is thirty five years of age today. And Andrea Tantaros has really come a long way in her work life. She has the most valuable experiences of working with Ace politicians as their communication strategist and media consultants. She is at present the co-host for one of the hottest news channels of the nation. Her career has definitely been a success. However, she likes to keep low key regarding her personal life. She is hardly seen commenting about her personal affairs in the media. Therefore many details about her life are still unknown. Nobody knows is she’s married, has a husband, ever been through divorce or any other such information about the head turner beauty. But the possibilities could be that she might be dating someone as of now. It’s kind of hard to believe that a gorgeous woman like her to not have a boyfriend.

Her career in the television has not had a long history. Andrea Tantaros joined Fox News channel only in 2010. She is only couple of years old in the business however; she already has made her presence felt to the audiences and in the network itself. Her employers are paying her $ 150,000 - $200,000 as salary every year.  She’s making a huge amount of wealth for her enough to live a luxurious life. She is all independent and enjoying her work. Single, beautiful and successful, what else could this diva could ask for? She is here to stay and she is someone to watch out for. Any information about her can be obtained from wiki and other sites relating her.

To add some interesting fun fact about her, she was a gymnast during her younger years and that she loves music. She mostly listens to classic rock. Andrea Tantaros's fans can remain close with her by following her at her twitter account.

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My family admire her a lot and follow her shows

She's brain and beauty, nothing more to say. I wish she'll find the man who will deserve her and live peacefully. Good luck and more power to Fox, my family don't watch any other news channel but that. We are also Republican.

Lorna Collett

14 Feb, 2016

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