Allison Miller is one of the renowned movie and television actresses. She entered acting industry in 2006 and has appeared in more than 20 films and television series. In her career spanning around 8 years, she has earned huge fame and success by appearing in various movies and television series such as Kings, Blood: The Last Vampire, Terra Nova, Devil’s Due, Go On, etc. Young and beautiful, Allison was born on 2nd September, 1985 in Rome, the capital city of Italy.

Allison was born to an American couple, John Winn Miller and Margo, who were living in Rome at the time of her birth. Shortly after Allison was born, her parents moved to Lexington, Kentucky, where she spent major part of her childhood. Later, she moved to Tallahassee, Florida and began studying at the Maclay School there. Upon graduating from the school, she joined the Rhodes College and was later transferred to University of Florida, located in Gainesville. In 2012, When Allison was of around 27, she married Adam Nee, an American actor and comedian. The couple shares no children till date.

Allison liked acting since she was a kid. So she shifted to Hollywood with an intension to pursue full-time acting career. Before moving to Hollywood, she was a member at the Young Actor’s Theatre located in Tallahassee. During that time, she had appeared in a play called Brighton Beach Memoirs. In 2006, Allison made her debut performance by playing the role of Lucy in a short movie called Lucy’s Piano. The same year, she also made her debut television appearance by playing a role in television series General Hospital. She has appeared as a guest star in several other hit television series such as Mind of Mencia, Cold Case, CSI: NY, Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal, etc. In 2009, she appeared in an American comedy movie 17 Again, followed by her lead appearance in horror action movie Blood: The Last Vampire. The same year, she was also featured as one of the lead characters in television series Kings which earned her huge public attention. Her appearance in television series Terra Nova also played significant role in earning her success and fame. Besides, she had played lead role in movie Devil’s Due and was featured as a recurring actress in television series Go On. Recently, Allison was seen playing the role of Janet in an episode of Bad Teacher while her next movie There’s Always Woodstock is on its way to release.

Allison is a talented actress who has impressed people by performing in various movie categories. Besides, she is also a great dancer and singer. She has been taking classes on vocal and various forms of dance such as jazz, modern dance and tap dance. She has a beautiful voice and can play instruments like guitar and piano.

Allison is one of the beautiful young actresses of current film industry who is liked by almost everyone for her simplicity and natural beauty. Within a short time, she has earned huge fame and success by appearing in movies and television series such as Terra Nova, Kings, Devil’s Due, and so on. Her fans are waiting eagerly to see her performing in upcoming movie. 


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