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Brazilian actress Alice Braga has made it big in Hollywood and she has the film credits to prove it. The thirty two years old up and coming actress, who made her breakthrough appearance in Fernando Meirelles’s critically acclaimed box office hit, City of God, has appeared in more than a few admirable roles in the following years. Born on April 15, 1983, Braga already has a few Hollywood movies under her belt which have helped prove her worth as an international actress and is looking forward to breaking into American television soon with a potential pilot for the television adaptation of Queen of the South on USA Network.

The Sao Paulo, Brazil native has now changed her residence to Los Angeles which has opened up new possibilities for her acting career. Back home she was raised jointly by her divorced parents who lived a few houses away from each other after separation. Her cinema crazed parents instilled the love for film in the young actress. Her mother has also dabbled in acting and her aunt is the Golden Globe nominated Brazilian actress Sonia Braga. She shot her first commercial, an advertisement for yogurt, when she was eight and more work followed when she became a teenager, a few of them in which she collaborated with the Academy Award nominated Fernando Meirelles, who would later direct her in City of God and who also happens to be her favorite director. Braga is fluent in Spanish, her native Portuguese and English which makes the actress more approachable for international roles. Braga has yet to reveal the details of her romantic relationships.

Braga appeared in her debut performance in the Portuguese short film, Tampolim, in 1998. A few years later, she joined the cast of Fernando Meirelles’s City of God, a film adaptation of a Paulo Lins novel. The movie brought Academy Award nomination for Meirelles and worldwide fame for Braga. She went on to receive a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Cinema Brazil Grand Prize. While attending university, she managed to squeeze in two South American movies into her schedule, Lower City in 2005 and Only God Knows in 2006. During this time, she also made an appearance in the hit Brazilian television series, Carandiru, Outras Historias. Braga appeared in her first English language role in 2006 in the independent film, Journey to the End of Night, which starred actor Brendan Fraser. The film received praise during its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. A year later, Braga landed a role in the post apocalyptic sci-fi movie, I Am Legend, which starred Hollywood actor Will Smith. That year she also appeared in the movie Crossing Over with Harrison Ford and Ray Liotta. She appeared with Chiwetel Ejiofor in 2008’s Redbelt. In 2010, she appeared in the American Canadian movie Repo Men. She had a starring role in Antal Nimrod’s science fiction movie, Predators and in 2013 made an appearance in Elysium. In 2014, she was seen in the Brazilian movie, Muitos Homens Num So, Mexican movie, El Ardor, and Argentine movie, Latitudes. The same year, she starred in the Australian comedy thriller, Kill Me Three Times which also starred Simon Pegg and Sullivan Stapleton. The film was released in America in April 2015 after a screening at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014.

Braga is planning to appear in the new USA Network series, Queen of the South, in the near future. In 2015, she will also be starring alongside Liam Hemsworth, William Hurt, Emory Cohen and William Hurt in Kieran Darcy Smith’s By Way of Helena.

Gorgeous and appealing, Alice Braga has a huge fan following in her home country as well as the United States. As of April 2015, the actress has 25.9K followers on Twitter. 

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