Ali velshi, bona fide personnel is successful Canadian journalist and host of real money of Al jazeera American channel. In whole, people recognized him as broadcast journalist. He was born Nairobi, Kenya on October 29, 1969. He is a son of Murad velshi and Mila velshi. He usually called Nairobian but grew up at Toronto in ontario. He is of velshi ethnicity and Ismaili Muslim.


Regarding to his education, he got his previous education in northern secondary school in Toronto. Later he duly passed degree in religious studies from queen’s university in Kingston, Ontario in 1994. His career started from queen’s university. He gave his continuity to his study, as well as started to make news by conducting protect against Preston manning and Canada’s reform party. He was praised by this work and was awarded the Queen’s university Alumni achievement award in 2010. It seemed that velshi back turning movement has finished in his life. His qualification and skilled lead him forward in his life. He was recognized as a professional reporter and was appointed as the general assignment reporter at CFTO.  His predictable work endorsed as business reporter and hosted many program including cable plus 24. With his enthusiasm and good moral character; he was able to maintain his respected position in CNN network. He dish up as a chief business correspondent in CNN. In addition to, velshi, anchor of CNN’s your money and co host of CNN’s internationally accepted weekday business show called “world business today’. At recent, he is a host of Al jazeera America channel which is weekly 30 minute magazine star prime time program. His knowledge’s and experience handout him further successes. It depicts that velshi is a highest paid a salary & save owns a total net worth of $500 thousand million.  


 “Victorious people always have two things on their lips, i.e. smile and silence” like that he got success in his life; so that he has creditable livelihood. Talking about his personal life, he got wedding first time at the age of 20 yrs. Unluckily, he can’t give continuity to this relationship and divorced with first wife. From this event, he was frosted for sometimes. But the personnel who raised voice for the people and advocate about positive perception can’t make their life boring. In this instance, he again married with Lori wachs in 2009 whose native land is New York. She works as a hedge fund manager and also was a president of cros ledge investment of Philadelphia based company. He encounters her when she was a guest on his show. He has three children.


Ali velshi is considered to be a fit and fine person who always cares about his daily exercise. He tries to maintain his personality attractive in every sorts of his show. A journalist usually has make-up kits to be an enchanted and make their documentation interested. Like this, Ali velshi uses powder as a make up kits, uses razor machine and face wash.  Becoming a popular figure among the millions of people, he gave most priority to good fashion. He is hair less personnel due to which he should worried about his hair style.


Every individual have right to be praised by their creditable work. Similar to this, a good personality with energetic and hardworking made fully right to be honored and this is none of the others but Ali velshi. He was rewarded Queen’s University biggest award -Alumni Achievement Award in 2010. He was granted a National Headliner Award for Business & Consumer Reporting offered by Auto Industry due to his active participation in collecting information for CNN’s How the Wheels Came Off. Velshi , the glory of CNN show the magical technique  in anchoring breaking news about terror attack on delta flight in 2009 that made CNN nominated for Emmy award in 2010.


Velsi is flourishing his fame globally and wishes to be a successful man in his life has come true. His talency and devotion has stood him in respected position. His life history can be obtaining from wiki, as well as his, personal website Ali Moreover, his information can be gain from twitter also. At now he is 44 years old and resides in United States working on al jazeera America channel which is a weekday show but people accept it to be a daily show.


  • October 29, 1969 (age 44)
  • Canadian
  • Broadcast journalist, Author
  • Muslim
  • Yes
  • 3
  • 500 thousand million
  • N/A
  • Lori Wachs (m. 2009)
  • Ali Velshi
  • Wiki, Twitter, youtube


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