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Dashing look & proficient acting skills, these 2 are the major components which have made Adam Baldwin build his stable establishment in the entertainment world. With his piercing in the American filming as Ricky Linderman in “My Bodyguard” (1980), the actor later earned wider fame for the role of Animal Mother in “Full Metal Jacket” & too for playing Jayne Cobb in the TV sitcom “Firefly” & its continuance movie “Serenity”.

Adam Baldwin first opened his eyes in Winnetka, a beautiful village lying in Cook County of Illinois, United States. He was educated at the local school called New Trier Township High School. However, he is mistaken for being one of the ‘Baldwin brothers’, Adam has no relation with them. As for his lesion status, the actor is revealed to be married since the year 1988. He & his darling wife, Ami Julius together are parents’ to their 3 adorable children.

Landing roles in an array of movies since the year 1980, Adam rose to fame as Rick Linderman, his troubled outcast character in the 1980 released movie “My Bodyguard” & altered to larger roles in the films such as “Full Metal Jacket” (1987), “D. C. Cab” (1983), “Independence Day” (1996), “Predator 2” (1990), “Serenity” (2005), & “The Patriot” (2000), to name a few. His other acting works count “From the Earth to the Moon” (1998), “Radio Flyers” (1992), “The Cape” (1996- 1997), “The Inside” (2005), “Angel” (2004), “Men in Black: The Series” (1997- 2001), “NCIS” (2004), “The X- Files” (2001- 2002), “Stargate SG- 1” (2004) & the 2005 re-make of the movie “The Poseidon Adventure”. Adam also made his starring as Chad Shelten in the popular ABC television sitcom “Day Break” in the year 2006. The rising actor parodied the character of Ricky Linderman in the movie “Drillbit Taylor” (2008). The actor is as well famed for the NBC series “Chuck”, where he was seen in one among the lead characters, John Casey for 5 long seasons of the series. In the 4th season of crime drama series “Castle”, Adam reunited with Nathan Fillion, former cast mate of “Firefly”. He portrayed Ethan Slaughter, a detective in an episode of the very sitcom in 2012 April. He was even cast as Superman/ Clark Kent/ Kal- El in “Superman: Doomsday”, based upon “The Death of Superman” by DC Comics.

In addition, Adam Baldwin as well provides voice to the character in “DC Universe Online”, the massively multiplayer online game. Adam has won a role of a voice-over actor in 2 different games by Xbox 360, called “Halo 3: ODST” & “Halo 3”. He also lent his voice for different citizens & resistance soldiers in the Valve Corporation’s first- person shooter video game “Half Life 2: Episode 2”. Collaboratively with Yvonne Strahovski, his co- star from “Chuck”. This talented actor also landed a role as Kal’Reegar, a Quarian marine team leader in Casey Hudson’s action role- playing video game “Mass Effect 2”. All through his on- screen & off- screen ventures, Adam has garnered the total of 5 million US dollar as his accumulated net worth & is even been decorated by huge acclaims & awards, including a 2006 SyFy Genre Award for Best Supporting Actor/ Television pro his tremendous act in the sitcom “Firefly”.

Adam Baldwin has been politically registered as a Democrat since the year 1980, but cites that he re-observed his views & prospects after being provided a copy of “Radical Son”, a book by David Horowitz. The actor now deems himself to be a “small government conservative libertarian” & has even contribute to “Big Hollywood” & “The Huffing Post”. He is a keen backer of a bike racing organization called Ride 2 Recovery; this organization is set up to assist rehab of injured veterans. For more updates & biography details, follow the actor on his personal social networking accounts. His information can even be grabbed via wiki, plus several of his official web sites.  

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