Cynthia McFadden

Cynthia McFadden is an American citizen known for her work as host and news reporter for her show Nightline shown in ABC News which she runs with other co-host. And she is sometimes also seen in Primetime which is ABC news show. Now let us talk about her education and childhood, there is no any information about her parents as she was adopted child, Lewiston born Cynthia completed her graduation from Bowdoin College having Phi Beta Kappa and Summa cum Laude as her major subject and later got her degree of Doctorate from Columbia Law School which is in New York. Soon after her graduation, she worked as executive producer in media group named Fred Friendly which is Columbia based media group and many of the show made by the group are shown on PBS network.

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    May 27, 1956

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Later after her work as executive producer, she started working for another television network named Courtroom Television network as producer and host for the shows in the year 1991. After her several work in the television, she shifted to ABC news in the post of legal reporter of the network in the year 1994 and while being there she reported news in many segments and main highlight of her career in the ABC was reporting the news of OJ Simpson Trail. And she worked as news reporting agent of Primetime in the year 1996. And after her brilliant and outstanding performance as reporter, she was later promoted as anchor and was seen hosting Primetime show and Nightline in the year 2004 and 2005.


But the journey to anchor was not easy as she did many unsuccessful try to be in the post but every time she was rejected but at last due to her hard work and passion, she got that chance along with many of her colleagues. One of her colleague was replaced by Bill Weir due to his controversial words for legendary singer Michael Jackson. McFadden along with her colleague worked in different shift hosting the program. But once the show Nightline was in the line of cancellation as it was based on news and reporting which was out of format created by the company. While anchoring she also got lifetime chance to take interview of legendary musician Paul McCartney and Clint Eastwood and also the former and present heads of different countries like Pervez Musharraf, Tony Blair and even Hillary Clinton. Apart from her media line, she is also busy in working for women issues and also one of the donors of site which is working in cultural issues, political issues and even in entertainment field. The co-presenter of documentary and shows of ABC channel is also Board Member of International Women’s Media Foundation. Due to her work in media field and humanitarian work, she is awarded with many awards like George Foster Peabody Award, Cine Golden Eagles for two times, Ohio State Award, Silver Gavel for 2 times and many other awards including her nomination for Emmy Awards.


Now moving on to her personal life, she was married to editor chief and Publisher of Hartford Courant John Davies in the year 1989 but unfortunately she and her husband got divorced in 1996.  She has the son from  his partner James Hoge. There is no doubt that she is one of the successful journalist and writer.


She is dedicate and professional to her work and also she is known to be one of the most successful news reporter and many channels like to hire her. The work done by her in different media was plus point to her successful career and also was profitable for the company. The information about her net worth or salary is not mentioned but we can assume she has acquired standard level of net worth and gets handsome salary as she is one of the successful reporter of ABC Network. Her beautiful body with her toned legs is center of attraction. She is single mother to his son and is living a happy life. She has reportedly interviewed many celebrities talking about their plastic and cosmetic surgery. And she is also famous for her different hair styles as she changes it with time. More of the information about her can be obtained from wiki including her biography.

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