What is a beauty for you, blonde hair, blue eyes or fair skin? Since the existence of human being, the description of beauty has been changed according to time and situation.

Moreover, each person has a different explanation of beauty. Though we should always keep in mind that beauty is your soul, your heart, and your personality. So all beautiful women there remember, beauty is a thing that makes your personality sparkle along with your precious idea, kindness, and humanity.

And here we have Thylane Blondeau who was stated as “the most beautiful girl in the world” at the warm age of six. Let’s see what she has cooked all these years with that extravagant title.


On-Glam world since her 4th birthday

DNA is the reason of Blondeau’s beauty

Former Int’l Footballer as Thylane's Dad

Controversial featuring in Vogue

Clash Between Society and Mom

Controversy remained controversy

Acting and Her Goals

Face of L’Oreal and Cannes Film Festival

Personal and Professional Life



Viral in Social Media