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Robin Cousins a former Professional skater was born in 1957 in Britain. He is known to be Three times world champion, Olympic and European title holder for one time each.  Apart from this, he is also active in Theatre. Since 2006 he is serving the show Dancing on Ice as Key Judge and Desk member. We cannot know about his parents as it is hidden in internet. Information sites have not stated the information about his schooling and education as well as his university too.

As he belongs to sports related family, he was interested in Skating from small age. Hence he scheduled to pursue his career in skating. In 1969, when Robin Cousins was just 12 years old, he grabbed his first national championship title. On the same year, he became British Junior championship titleholder and made his international breakthrough. As his first coach was Skate dancer, he in his initial days did some ice dancing too. Due to the training on ice dancing, he can do 360 degree spin from both the sides. For eight long years, he on his shoulder took leadership of United Kingdom’s unprofessional Skater team. He earned four senior national Championships. But in 1977 World Championship, he encountered Left Knee Injury. He had to do surgery of his both knees which prevented him from participating in any competitions. From 1978 to 1980 he won consecutive World Championship for three times on Free Skating division. He in 1979 and 1980 World Championship won two silver medals. He reached the optimum level of success in his unprofessional skating occupation with the gold medals in European championship and Winter Olympic Games in New York.

Apart from all these championships, he stars in many Skating programs like as Holiday on Ice as well as Ice Capades. On these programs he is the highlighted as he does some amazing tricks and moves on Ice. Robin took these programs as part time as he was continuing his Journey in World Championship. The World Champion in 1983 commenced his own Ice Skating Concert Company. With collaboration with different programs, he has explored world with events like Electric Ice and Ice Majesty. After his retirement from skating he presented himself to theatre. Some of his plays are Cinderella, Cats, and The Rocky Horror Show. He serves various Ice oriented TV shows by working with production units and also doing other many Production oriented jobs. Some of his Ice focused movies are The Nutcracker: A Fantasy on Ice, The Wizard of Oz on Ice and Toy Story on Ice. Robin has done some comedy acts in Santa Clause and the Return of Jack Frost, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He is also very busy with his Media work as he is Invitee host and observer of BBC Sport on coverage of World Skate Championship, Winter Olympics. He as desk member and chief judge is seen in Dancing on the Ice program then 2006. As invitee he presented himself in All Star Family Fortunes and Tipping Point which are game shows. He might have acquired enough fortune from his day to day work and professional work but info regarding his salary and net worth cannot be found in information sites.

Despite of his popularity, details of his private life is not found as he tends to hide it from his fans and media. Robin Cousins is reportedly known to be gay and is seen with his partner. But till date he has not spoken officially about his sexual orientation. According to anonymous tabloids, he keeps his personal life and partner secret that nobody knows about his name too. We cannot find any clue about his married life, Wife as well as children.

He in 2005 became Hall of Famer of World Figure Skating. As charity work he works as noteworthy sponsor of Meningitis UK Organization. Without a doubt he is one of the prominent stars in the field of Ice Skating. He has earned millions of fans due to his successful career and his attractive personality

To know more about him we can visit his personal website as well as wiki. Wiki has brief biography about him as he tends to maintain secret about his personal life. He also can be followed in social networking sites as he seems busy updating info about him in Facebook and twitter.

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