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Robin Cousins is a former figure skater belonging to British nationality. He was born on August 17, 1957 at Bristol. His birth name is Robert Cousins.  He has retired from skating and is currently involved in theater and television industry. He family members were always on his side especially his father who used to play for Millwall as a goalkeeper. He was into skating at an early age. His first coach was a female who also taught him to dance later Carlo Fassi coached him. He first earned his national award on 1969 when he was twelve. After two years he was named as the junior winner of Britain and at the same time he debuted internationally.

He served as an amateur skater representative for United Kingdom during which he won national senior championship four times in a row. While he was competing in the world championship of 1997 he injured his knee. Despite the knee injury he was able to win world championship of 1978, 1979 and 1980 and he was awarded with silver medals in world championship of 1979. But his skating career reached another high point when he won the European championship along a gold medal and another gold medal in winter Olympics games of 1980 which was held at lake placid, New York. Although he was busy participating in different championship he was also undergoing several important surgeries on both knees.

Later he took ice skating by profession and started appearing in programs like Ice Caped, Holiday Inc. and world professional championship. He founded his own skating company on 1993 and organized tours like ice Majority and Electric Ice. He has also joined hands with synchronizing swimmers for his tours. He is also a successful theatre actor and has appeared as Mankustrap in the musical act Cats, Cinderella of Rodgers and Hammer Stein as prince and Frank N Furter of The Rocky Horror Show at West End. He is frequently seen as a guest anchor at BBC Sports Channel and have been acting as a commentator of European as well as world figure championship and winter Olympics. From 2006 he has been the judge for Dancing on Ice show and now a chief judge. He was a guest at the All Star Family Fortunes in March 10 2012. His name was in Guinness book of records twice for jumping an amazing height of eighteen feet.

Robin Cousins do not want to expose his personal life in public. So details regarding with the topics such as girlfriend, married and wife is still unknown. But it is rumored that Robin Cousins is gay and has already found male partner in his love life. His bio can be obtained from wiki.

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