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The award winning television meteorologist Kelly Cass is the present proletarian serving The Weather Channel as well as Weather Center Live. This radical TV personality was actually born on 27th November, 1973 at Poughkeepsie in New York. She belongs to American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. She always had a keen interest concerning the weather which led her to build up her career as a weather meteorologist at present. Following her childhood interest, she accomplished an A.S. in communication studying at Dutchess Community College. She also garnered a bachelor’s degree in arts in communication coming out of Adelphi University with good grades. She continued her study taking to a higher level achieving an honored degree in the field of broadcast meteorology affiliated with Mississippi University.

With regard to the commencement of her vocation, she formerly operated as a dynamic producer for the WTZA-TV from 1990 till 1992. She then initiated hosting the news program for WRGB-TV at New York and retained regularly reporting weather news every morning exceptSunday for about seven years. Her major achievement in her early career was her coverage of a grievous snow storm report in 1993 for which she accomplished New York State Broadcasting Award. She quit her job at WRGB-TV at the end month of 1999 and immediately joined The Weather Channel. She reports for and co-hosts the morning show on weekends accompanying with Bill Keneely within weather channel. It has been nearly 14 years to her devoted service on The Weather Channel working as an anchor and weather news reporter till date. She is also tied in with CTV channel side by side from the year 2000. She obviously gets paid with an enormous amount of salary on account of her tremendous contribution in weather news broadcasts.

She acts very confidential regarding her personal aspects of her life. She tries out her best not to get her private life exposed in public. Therefore, the fact that she is married is even hardly found out by the inner sources. Kelly Cass happens to have three kids of her own with her husband but their names and the rest facts are still a mystery for all. There is also no any true news of her being pregnant lately except some false hoaxes. She is detected to be living merrily with her family at New York and having no signs of divorce like situations. Hobby, her family dog is also a member of her house residence.

The young looking news media icon Kelly Cass has just stepped on her forties at her age regardless of which she yet has a seductive vista appealing the viewer on screen as well as off screen. She is too conscious reckoning of her physique and fitness. She regularly takes out some time from her busy scheduled life to do physical work outs for shaping up her body youthful all the time. She always appears utterly presentable on TV personifying as the principal point of attention of the audiences.

Additionally, she is remarkably photogenic as well. Any formal or informal dress sexily flows down her curvy body with the perfect exposure of her long legs. She is five feet eight inches high in stature and even looks taller when she walks on high heels on her feet. She is affectionate of active sports including softball, football and tennis in addition to listening music and going to theatre for watching movies. She loves going for a hike on mountains to cherish the nature’s creation and adventurous snow as well as water skiing.

The blonde haired amazingly beautiful and gifted TV meteorologist Kelly Cass is the graven image of her infinite number of fans. Everyone who watches her shows gets swept towards her owing to her wonderful presentation, reporting skills and elegant panache of anchoring the program. She has come along progressively in her flaming career with an equal account of serving the civilians with latest and accurate weather forecasts.

Even though she keeps her private segment of her life out of reach of media as possible, her surface biography can be read at various related websites. But wiki is still on its way on constructing her elaborated biography accommodating all the info about her. Her admirers can follow her on twitter too.

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