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David Muir is one of the illustrious personalities in the field of American media. He currently works as author and news correspondent for ABC news. His birth took place in Syracuse, New York, where he spent most of his childhood with his older sister. After completing his high school graduation from Onondaga Junior-Senior High School, he went to Ithaca College. In 1995, he completed his bachelor degree in Journalism. As he studied for a while at University of Salamanca of Spain, he is very fluent in Spanish.

Soon after his graduation, he was offered job of correspondent and anchor at WTVH TV of his hometown. For WTVH TV, he went to Gaza to report on murder of Prime minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin gave him Radio-Television News Director Association award. David also was honored with Best Local Newscast and Best Local News Anchors award during his tenure at WTVH TV. Later in 2000, he went to work for WCVB TV in the post of news reporter and program host. His research on hijackers of 11 September attack earned him Edward R. Murrow Award on exploratory coverage. Finally after gathering much experience, he was linked with ABC News as anchor of ABC show World News Now. Year 2007 saw him being appointed as the permanent host of ABC show World News Saturday. After co-hosting the show Primetime, he got his own program World News with David Muir. Most of the show he anchored got good amount of ratings which is beneficial to him as well as to ABC. In 2005, he reported the news about Hurricane Katrina from on-site.

 A year later he travelled to Israel to report on war of Israel with Hezbollah group. In 2007, ABC deployed him to Gaza to cover the news from Gaza and soon after that he went to Peru to report the news on disastrous earthquake that hit Peru. After reporting the news about Nuclear from Ukraine, he presented the documentary about American Guns and its catastrophic results. Before going to Egypt to report on the protest against government of Egypt, he went to unfold the news about Haiti Earthquake and the situation of Port-au-Prince. David went to Japan on the behalf of ABC to cover the news about Tsunami and the nuclear plant leakage of Japan. In addition to this, he has covered news about public gun shooting of Colorado, Aurora and Joplin. He was appointed as official correspondent for 2012 Presidential Election by ABC. There he interviewed both the contenders of presidential election Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. In 2013, he and his team mate met a gun fire while reporting live from Mogadishu. For his work, he was medaled with Edward R. Murrow of 2013. In 2014, it was revealed that he is going to be appointed as presenter and editor of ABC World News replacing Diane Sawyer. He is set to make his entrance as host of ABC World News on 2nd of September of 2014. David is the owner of estimated net worth of 2 million which he acquired from his professional career till date.

Despite of his popularity, there is not much information regarding his private life. According to American tabloids, David Muir is gay and possesses a boyfriend. But he has not talked about his sexual orientation till date. Some even say he is married and is living happy life with his wife. As he is reserved type of personality who tends to hide his personal details, the info about his marital life, wife and divorce is still in room of secret.

This handsome hunk has amazing personality which snatches the attention of everyone towards him at a glance. This Jewish reporter is very strict on his work and gives much of his time on his professional career rather personal. His shirtless pictures showing toned body can be found over internet. Various rumors about his private life have risen which could even damage his public figure. Despite of his rumors, David Muir is considered as one of the talented and dynamic reporters working for ABC.

To know more about David Muir, we can read his biography found in IMDB and Wiki. His interested fans can follow him in social networking sites like Facebook and twitter to be in direct touch with him.

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