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Beautiful and talented media personality of America Carol Costello is a news anchor hosting the 9 am to 11 am edition of CNN Newsroom at present. This beautiful journalist and anchor was born on 11 October 1961 in Minerva, Ohio, U.S.

Costello attended Minerva high school in Minerva, Ohio, for her high schooling and then joined Kent State University from where she graduated with Bachelors in Arts degree of journalism. After graduating from Kent University, she started her career with Ohio’s WAKR-TV at Akron. She worked as a reporter there; in addition, she had won an award for police and court reporting skill. After a short period of her work with WAKR-TV, she moved to WSYX and WBNS 10-TV, both CBS affiliates of Columbus Ohio. She worked as a principal weeknight reporter/anchor for the channels with all the labor, hard work and no extra attitude for winning an Emmy. Her work was quite praiseworthy during her work contract in the channels. After few years of collaborations with CBS affiliates, this lovely lady was seen as an investigative officer and reporter in ABC affiliate, WJLA-TV in Washington D.C. she shared five years of professionalism with the channel and was responsible for the ABC coverage during September 11 attacks. Also credited for her three years of employment in WBAL-TV at Baltimore, Costello joined CNN in 2001.

As Costello had migrated to New York area after her marriage, she previously worked at CNN’s New York City branch. Her coverage of Gulf oil spill, presidential election 2008, inauguration of barrack Obama and hurricane Katrina earned her Peabody Award for CNN. She also is the part of network’s coverage of last space shuttle launch, the Ohio midterm elections, shooting of Virginia tech, Russian school hostage crisis, South Asian tsunami disaster and hurricane Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne. She also shares the interviewing of four former presidents of U.S. she interviewed President Jimmy Carter, President Ronald Reagan, President George H.W. Bush and President Bill Clinton for CNN. She had lively covered all four presidential inauguration too.

Based on networks headquarters in Atlanta, Costello is a weekday anchor/reporter for morning edition of CNN Newsroom. She is also noted for the hosting of the shows; The Situation room and CNN Daybreak and is highly appreciated for her work in the show American morning; all three were network’s early morning news programs. This charming reporter is in fame for her unique style of hosting and also has been honored with various prestigious award s. she is the winner of 1991 Emmy Award for specials on crack and cocaine. She also earned a UPI award, various Associated Press Awards and also was nominated for Emmy in 1993. Though she is being benefitted with huge amount of salary from her channel, there is no information about her salary and net worth.

Carol Costello was married in 2004. Carol Costello had moved to Baltimore with her husband, shortly after her marriage. Since this lady didn’t want any interference in her personal life, no source has exactly revealed of her family backgrounds, name of her husband or anything else. It is not even mentioned if the couple is still together or has already divorced. The only confirmed news about her is that she doesn’t have any children yet.

Standing with adorable height, Carol looks amazing with her pair of long and beautiful legs. Generally dressed formal, she manages to look very charming with her pretty feet on the TV screen.  Her glowing face adds extra effect to be mesmerized for her viewers. Once speculated for undergone through plastic surgery of her face which was later proved to be false, she is one of the friendly anchors of CNN, according to her professional colleagues.

Recently victimized by robbery of her iPhone which was termed as apple picking by local police and attorney in 2013, she was very much prominent in reporting about the incident and making people aware of such attacks on the walkways. As she is very professional and active in her work, there is no doubt in saying she is one of the prominent media personalities of American nationality.

Stunningly beautiful Carol Costello is one of the active tweeting members and her biography can be accessed through wiki. Carol Costello interested fans also can follow her in social networking sites as she is very big in tweeting.

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Danny feinberg

Carol Costello

She is an amazingly beautiful woman!!

Danny feinberg 25 Sep, 2015

mary lovelady

love carol costello!!!

my day always goes well if I can watch the news starting each day with carol Costello - what a sweetheart!!!

mary lovelady 28 Jul, 2015

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