New Year Eve Fireworks Sydney

Sydney's New Year Eve is the most awaited day of the year for seeing the world's ultimate firework that brings together millions of people. More than a million people gather by Sydney Harbour, more than 2 million across Australia and more than a billion worldwide. The main features of the eve are the two pyrotechnic displays; 9 pm family fireworks and the midnight fireworks with a new theme each year, both of which are broadcased live in television.


The first display is a part of 'Indigenous Smoking Ceremony' segment which takes place at 8 pm with firing of white smoke from four barges. Then red 'Falling Angels' are fired at 8.40 pm again from four barges along with the lighting of a line of red flare pyrotechnics off the catwalk of the Harbour Bridge as part of 'Acknowledgement of Country'. Then comes the very popular 9 pm family fireworks that lasts for about 20 minutes which uses the pylons, arch and the catwalk of Sydney Harbour Bridge, city buildings and one barge located in front of the Opera House. This 9 pm firework is designed especially for children.


The buildings of the city and the catwalk of the Harbour Bridge , both are synchronised to a soundtrack. However, very short segments occur in the Harbour Bridge followed by The 'Red and White Checkerboard Waterfall'. Then at the regular intervals of 9:08 pm, 10:15, 11 pm, 11:30 pm and 11:45 pm firings take place on six of the harbour barges matching with the theme of the eve that increases in size and quantity as the night progresses. Then as the clock strikes 12:00 there begins the world famous Midnight Firework that explodes off the arches, catwalk and roadway of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, city buildings and one barge all synchronised to a soundtrack. The six barges with the Sydney Harbour Bridge doing sequences of varying lengths are the main features of the majority of the shows. The barge in front of the Harbour Bridge is also featured occasionally during the show to synchronise with the Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks or to attract the attention of the people that Sydney Harbour Bridge is about to do something spectacular. All firing points exploding is an 'all- white' finale is the part of closing sequence.

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