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Maria Bartiromo - 5 interesting facts ever you dont know

1. Who is maria bartiromo

Maria Bartiromo, popular name of American journalism world is an illustrious television journalist and magazine columnist. Maria Bartiromo is best recognized best known as a host of ‘Mornings with Maria’ and Global Markets editor of ‘Fox Business Network’.

2. Maria Bartiromo is first journalist to report live from New York Exchange

Maria Bartiromo puts first step towards journalism world with working as assignment editor at ‘CNN Business News’ in 1993. After working 5 years at CNN Business Network, she became associated with CNBC. While working at CNBC, she started preparing report live from floor of New York Exchange. She also worked as host and contributor for ‘Market Watch’ and ‘Squawk Box’ segments. Maria also hosted other several other television shows like ‘Closing Bell’, ‘Market Wrap’ and ‘Business Center’ while working for CNBC. During the late period of 1990s, she was given a nickname of ‘Money Honey’. She also became first women to prepare live report from raucous floor of New York Stock Exchange.

3. Maria Bartiromo association with Fox Business

On 18th November, 2013 it came in the news that Maria Bartiromo would be ending her career journey with CNBC and she is joining ‘Fox Business Network’. CNBC clarifies on her leaving the network. The reason that the network gave about her departure from the network was that her contract with CNBC was for only November 24. Maria Bartiromo served CNBC for 20 long years. CNBC highly praises and appreciated her hard work and precious time with the network. It further wishes best achievement in her career in the future. In 2014, Maria Bartiromo became associated with Fox News Channel after she ended her career tenure with CNBC.

4. Maria Bartiromo Married to CEO of Wisdom Tree Investments

Maria Bartiromo’s current relationship status is married. She got married to CEO of Wisdom Tree Investments, Jonathan Steinberg on 13th June, 1999. She was dating Jonathan since 1998. After getting into love relation for a year, she tied knot in marital relation with Jonathan on 13th June, 1999. Her husband Jonathan was a son of Saul Steinberg. Saul was Chief Executive Officer of ‘Reliance Group Holdings’ who died in 2012. Maria Bartiromo is living happy life with husband Jonathan Steinberg since she got married to him.

5. Maria Bartiromo Debate

Maria Bartiromo is currently serving as debate moderator on Fox Business Network. While working as debate moderator for Fox Business she asked retired neurosurgeon, Ben Carson a long list of questions about Republic presidential debate that occurred in Thursday night. Maria came in attention of public when she asked question to the public about Trump going offensive against the former president Hillary Clinton. She asked crowd about legitimate topic which was discussed in the election. In the response, the crowd answer yes. Maria further raised the question about Hillary Clinton being an enabler of sexual misconduct.

Maria Bartiromo is currently 48 years of age. She has still a lot of time to work in the media field. Throughout her career, Maria has been impressive in her work. She has achieved high level of appreciation and fame from being involved in the journalism field. 


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