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She was raised in orange city, California. She completed her high school education in 1998 from Mission Viejo high school. During her senior years in high school she was named as the homecoming queen. She went to the University of California located in Berkeley and graduated in 2001, she also was a member in Phi Beta Kappa society. She is double bachelor holder in psychology and mass communication.

She started her career through KTVV-TV, San Francisco network affiliated with CNN and fox where she was an intern production assistant. She worked as a reporter for KIMA-TV affiliated with CBS and CNN she was a host in a radio morning program and a news anchor. Later in 2003 she joined CBS news where she was appointed as a reporter, an anchor and also a producer. She was the producer of the CBS news program which was broadcasted on MTV-U which was a branch network of MTV, during which she anchored the coverage like 2004 presidential election from Boston and New York and the NFL draft of 2005. She also acted as a backup news anchor for CBS news show overnight, up to the minute and as a reporter in CBS weekend edition of evening news.

She started working for CNN as a congressional reporter. As a congressional reporter she had to cover stories regarding the activities which happened on U.S. Senate and house. She won the national press award in distinguishing reporting of congress nominee, Everett McKinley Dirksen award. She was also responsible for covering of different variety of topic related stories. She has also covered the Virginia tech shooting massacre in 2007, being the first CNN reporter on the location.

Brianna Keilar married his long time boyfriend Dave French on May 2, 2009. They both are still together and there are no hints of divorce happening between them as he had always been the type of man she wanted in her life. Susan Perry hosted and coordinated her wedding ceremony which took place in Sedona. There is no information weather she and her husband have any children or not.

She has a huge fan following and is admired by her viewers very much for her reporting and anchoring skills along with having amazing hot body, height, legs and feet.  Brianna Keilar information regarding her salary, career highlights, photos and pics can be obtained from wiki and other websites.  

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