Amanda Freitag is a Chef and a TV show judge who was born in May 11, 1972. She is a judge in Food Network’s cooking competition reality show Chopped.

She is also a co-host of Food Network’s another show, American Dinner Revival with Ty Pennington. She is also a part of Unique Eats. She published a cookbook – The Chef Next door: A Pro Chef’s recipe for Fun, Fearless Home cooking in September 2015. She is very dedicated to her passion.

Along with hosting, judging and writing a cookbook she also owns an exquisite restaurant in New York called The Empire. She also worked at New York’s leading restaurants like Cesca, Harrison and Gusto. Cesca Enoteca &Trattoria is an upper west side restaurant opened by Amanda Freitag and Godfrey Polistina in 2003. She participated in Iron Chef America against Bobby Flay which she narrowly lost with 49-50 score and The Next Iron Chef finishing with a fourth position.


Is Chef Amanda Freitag married or involved with someone? Husband-less life has raised many eyebrows

Freitag, although she is in the lime light, has successfully been able to keep her personal and professional life well-balanced. She was one of the three children to Cathleen and Paul Freitag. Cathleen was a manager to Verizon and Paul worked for a computer company.

She had two brothers, Jason Freitag and Justin Freitag. Since their parents were really busy the three children were compelled to have frozen food which is one of the reasons she got into cooking. She was raised in Cedar Grove, New Jersey and attended the Cedar Grove High school.

She was a bright one as a student. One of her teacher also suggested her to join Culinary institute of America, Hyde Park. She did join the institute and graduated in 1989. She currently lives in New York, apparently with her husband and children. She has kept her personal life so confidential that her fans do not even know who her husband is.

 It is said that she is soon getting public about her husband. She was said to be in a relationship with an Ultrasound technician, Raphael. They were said to be in a relationship for 6 years and travelled a lot together. Her only top focus in life seems to be cooking. She calls herself a born traveler. She travels quiet a lot with her family. Also her work allows her to travel every now and then. Even when she is travelling with family or as a chef, she stays close to her profession. She collects restaurant menus to add to her collection from the places she visits.


A Female Chef’s road to lime light

During her time in Culinary Institute of America She gained all the knowledge she needed in order to be who she is right now along with which she learned that being a female chef she had a lot more to prove than her male counterparts. Right after her graduation she worked as a rotisserie in a New York City Kitchen. She became a grade manager at Vong under the mentorship of Jean-Georges Vongerichten where she learned to combine the flavors from Southeast Asia with the French ones. She worked with Diane Forley at Verbena.

Caption: Amanda Freitag cookbook: Leah chose "Corned beef & Cabbage" for St Catrick's Day!!!! Excellent choice!

She rose through ranks in no time. She travelled to Paris and worked under chef Alian Passard for two weeks. Even though the visit was brief she learned some life changing lessons with him. It enabled her to combine unmatched flavors of the Mediterranean.

Upon returning, she worked with tom Valenti at Cesca. Her work at Cesca also got her awarded with two stars from the New York Times. She worked as an executive chef at Gusto and then at Harrison, where she got the restaurant a two star rating, again from the New York Times. She rose to limelight when she secured fourth position in ‘The Next Iron Chef’ Season 2.

After some time she returned to ‘The Next Iron Chef’ season 5 where she stood second.


Television career hyped Chef’s net worth

Amanda Freitag is said to be worth over $3 million, Most of it acquired from her appearances in TV shows. Her career stepped up in the early 2000 when she decided to open up a restaurant for herself. Her time at The Harrison increased her net worth by a large margin.

She left the restaurant in 2010 to focus on her television career. Since 2009, she has been seen on “Chopped” (2009-2016), “Unique eats” (2010-2013) and “the Next Iron Chef” (2009-2012).She then started her own show “The Kitchen” (2015) and another recent one “American Dinner revival” with Ty Pennington.